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Alternatively, the radiolabeled probes of the present invention can be used to make tumors in animal models visible.

DET2 – X-ray diagnostics – Google Patents

It should be understood that these examples are for illustrative purposes only. Multicompartmental analysis of cholesterol metabolism in man: The radioiodierende to compound mg was placed in a 2-mL serum vial which was then sealed with a teflon coated rubber septum and an aluminum cap. LDL gebrauchzanleitung Mikroemulsionen bewiesen somit einen guten praktischen Nutzen zur zielgerichteten Zufuhr diagnostischer und therapeutischer Verbindungen.

In-vivo-Test der radiomarkierten Proben In vivo test of radiolabeled probes. Auf apo-B-Protein basierende Proben erzielten jedoch einen gewissen Erfolg. We always sought out the adventure in the past. In one embodiment of the present invention, C2I is radiolabeled by Radioiodaustausch in pivalic acid with I. Delivery systems on LDL basis. Fresh human plasma St. Blood flow through this section of the aorta is turbulent due to the curvature of the aortic arch and the three major branches.


Sodium hydride 10 mg, 0. Diseases that are accompanied by a lipoprotein oxidation, such as atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, glomerulosclerosis and ataxia mancuca vitamin E deficiency, therefore, the common feature of unregulated expression of scavenger receptors may have [Zingg et al. The cells are lysed and the amount of radiolabeled sample taken from the cells can be determined by measuring the associated with the lysed cells radioactivity.

The family magazine awarded us as a partner, who convices family and kids with their product. Because they are the result of our years-long product development, and they confirm that we are headed in the right direction. Die Proteinkonzentrationen wurden wie oben beschrieben ermittelt.

But we also see our awards as a duty to always gebrauchsajleitung that extra step and develop new, innovative products for parents. The kits may further contain emulsifying agents and core lipids necessary to prepare a microemulsion. Column chromatography was performed on silica gel 60 mesh Aldrich.

Suddenly everything is topsy-turvy. Given the slight hydrolysis of native CE, the attempts to develop based on core LDL components samples, however, directed to analogs that have a higher resistance to hydrolysis.

Therefore, they are in no way limit the scope of this invention. The composition of claim 7, wherein said carrier vehicle is a low-density lipoprotein LDL. To be injected in a unit dose solution comprises from about 0.

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The subsequent removal of the ether in vacuo gave a semi-pure solid, which was purified by column chromatography on silica gel using CHCl 3 as eluent. Secondly, there are radioimaging probes developed to be supplied by means of LDL particles, usually of either surface components ie, apolipoprotein B apo Bor short, based on the apo B sequence peptidesor core components ie cholesterol ether CE labeled with a suitable radioisotope.


The radiolabeled sample can be introduced by injection into the animal and the biodistribution of the sample are determined by standard methods [see, gebrauchsanleitunh example, Xiao et al, Pharm Res.

Subsequently, an gebrauuchsanleitung amount of LDL was added, based on optimum drug: Localization of the radiolabeled probe is performed by conventional clinical radioimaging techniques.

To maximize the shelf life of the kits, the samples can be provided unlabeled and the kit may further contain the necessary reagents and regulations for radiolabeling of the sample molecules with the appropriate radioisotope. Prior to the examination, the genrauchsanleitung in culture plates with 8 wells with a diameter of 34 mm at densities of about 3.

Weichert et al, J. The emulsifiers for this purpose are generally phospholipids of natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic origin. It will be apparent that the invention herein described may be varied variously.