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What we witness today is a kind of political Buddhism trying to promote the interests of the Sinhala-Buddhist people, rather than religion. A Concise Sinhala Mahavamsa has 4 ratings and 2 reviews. Jonathan said: The key rule when translating is to use a translator to translate into their nati. Old-Sinhalese prose, probably mingled with verse in the Pali language. 2. reign the Dipavamsa as well as the Mahavamsa comes to an end. 4. Of this work .

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People who have not developed their egos can surrender, but their surrender will not be perfect, it will not be total. What will be the Nationality of Maithri Buddha? Does he enjoy torturing people?

A Concise Sinhala Mahavamsa

As a result, they have, with an exception or two magavamsa the German Swamy Gauribala and A. If you come to the present, then the ego disappears. If you write on a white wall even you yourself will not be able to read it, but if you write on a blackboard it comes loud and clear — you can read it. You will be ashamed of yourself. You display all the attributes of a racist Mahavamsa Sinhala-Buddhist, who resorts to insults when unable to put forward a wise and intelligent counter argument.

Once, the Buddha, while begging for alms, approached the house of the Brahmin, Aggikabharadvaja. Anthropology and Archeology ancient artifacts, ruins, potsherds, burials, coins, stone inscriptions, cave writings, rock edits, writings on Ola leaves, etcancient literature, chronicles, cultural anthropology, folk stories, historical linguists, etc are some of the tools to understand the history of a society. You can watch mahavzmsa.

After all even in Christianty having one Bible still has many denominations. Three of the sunhala Pali scholars of this period were Buddhaghosa, Buddhadatta, and Dhammapala and all three of them were associated with Buddhist establishments in the Tamil kingdoms. Bell excavated the whole of the summit, roughly oval in plan, to uncover the architectural and other structural remains there about three and a half acres in extent. In the year an Englishman, the Hon.


Archaeological evidence too will be considered in the sequel which would support this conclusion. Because of the teaching of egolessness, a misunderstanding arose that if the ego has to be surrendered, then why develop it, for what?

This is just ego claiming. King Gothabhaya had two sons, Jettha-tissa and Mahasena, who were entrusted to the tutelage of an Indian monk from the Chola country called Sanghamitta who was partial sinyala the Vaitulyavada and ill-disposed towards the Mahavihara which suffered immensely as a result. By Sharmini Serasinghe —.

Mahavamsa- An Insult To The Buddha!

Mahavwmsa viharas on the escarpment cannot be identified at present. She made it easy for you to bash the Sinhala race and the Buddhists. They have made their ego even more decorated; it has taken the color of religion and holiness.

Some, even resort to animal sacrifice! But in reality, the Sinhalese race, was a creation of the Buddhist monks of the Mahavihara, who themselves originated from India unless they were aboriginal Veddhas. But why this suspicion? If this is understood then things become very clear.

Mahavamsa – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. This vast site was at that time a flourishing monastic complex, not a desolate and uninhabited jungle from which rose a wooded hill. It almost always happens that people enjoy a few moments and then afterwards feel very guilty. Moggallana, now King, came to the city i.

You do not have the integrity to admit it and is now attempting to mount a challenge.


The Mahavihara monks of Anuradapura maintained Pali chronicles in Sri Lanka which were intended primarily to record the activities of the Theravada Buddhists. He stayed and studied Buddhist precepts at Mahavihara in Anuradhapura.

The accumulation of all these possibilities make it reasonable for us to conclude that the summit of Sigiriya rock was devoted to an aesthetically designed Buddhist vihara of the Mahayana persuasion. There are no right answers or wrong answers in respect of beliefs. Is he a sadist? Why are you surrendering? The Self is intrinsically rebellious, individual. I have uncovered more than a Liar and a Fraud. The nectar of love is the universe.

There is also an inconsistency with the year on which Ashoka sent Buddhist missionaries to Sri Lanka.

Darkness can mahavama be if light is not there. No body knows whether there was a Prince called Vijaya or whether he landed in Sri Lanka or not.

May 11, D. Therefore, for the next years, a Sinhala Buddhist will never allow a federal state in Sri Lanka. The War of the Two Brothers So he was very suspicious: The work is datable from internal evidence to a period after 7th century AC Dathopatisssa 11, and more particularly to the time of the Chola occupation of the early 11th century.

You will feel suicidal because you are committing suicide on the psychological level, on the level of the ego. The blinding dust followed by torrential rains necessitated the annual suspension of field work in the month of May.