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even the burliest of men (and in some cases, the burliest of women) feel inadequate. So manly, it needs to be shaved: The Alphabet of Manliness. This collection. The Alphabet of Manliness has ratings and reviews. Seizure Romero said: I just picked this up in a used bookshop during lunch. I opened randoml. The funniest/manliness piece of literature mankind has ever read. Perhaps it will be looked back on as the manliest book of all time. To quote the author, Maddox .

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Maddo I bought this because the cover was ridiculous and it sounded way over the top. Apr 15, Mykey rated it really liked it.

I didn’t really find it all that funny but there were guilty moments of laughing out loud. View all 3 comments. Don’t read it, it’s not for impressionable minds, unless you want to become a MAN, man!

The book consists of 26 short sections, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. I might not be good for his reputation, but I would guess that writing some of this probably made him flinch at times. F is for Farts but this is hardly a serious bit of literature and does not pretend to be.

Instead we get chapters on boobs, copping a feel, and Chuck Norris. I el oh elled at several points, which was a problem because the naughty graphics are not what you want an eavesdropper getting a peek at. He has a funny and interesting website. In fact, the book starts very strong “A is for Ass-Kicking”.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The humor is, of course, raunchy — and that’s what you expect. But if you enjoy offending people, read this for some A material! Anyway, it’s hairy, sweaty, manly, and smells slightly of BO and oozes testosterone.


The Alphabet of Manliness (Literature) – TV Tropes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just a little too Poe’s Law for comfort nowadays. Dec 15, Jmswtsn rated it did not like it. This book should be on every man’s coffee table. Whereas, Hamburger portrays wild e This book is what it says it is from A is for Ass Kiciking to Z is for Zombie, this book is the alphabet of manliness.

Sep 15, Jonathan Discount rated it it was ok. It’s laugh out loud funny if you can take a joke without getting easily offended. Hardcoverpages.

If you can’t tell from other reviews or even just the intro, this is not for the faint of social heart. Yes, you’ll learn about boners and porn and things that men like to do with them, not that anyone needed a book to tell us.

The Alphabet of Manliness

There are some stretches which fall flat as they are overwhelmed by his mixing of technical language with the subject matter for comedic effect. I couldn’t tell for sure but there were a couple of spots that felt a little rapey and offset the previous success that h This is a humor book that focuses on hypermasculinity and how to be as “manly” as possible. Jul 25, Martin added it.

The subtext was, “Hey, isn’t this way over-the-top??? Quotes from The Alphabet of M Refresh and try rhe. This is not to say that it is poorly written, or that the entries are nothing more than dick and fart jokes except for “F”: If you recognize that this author is not the person he presents think the Sarah Siverman show it’s a lot funnier.


It’s stupidity, really and the handbook maedox macho men read: This collection of sacred writings may very well be the greatest compilation of all things manly thro Release Date: The Alphabet of Manliness: Not a book for Higher learning but I still enjoyed it. The book was officially completed on January 19,as announced on Maddox’s website.

The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox

However, I just think that this book would be better if it was more alphabdt the website. I had raised expectations based on The Best Page in the Universebut they were not remotely met. Brought to you by the mastermind behind www. Without me, none of this amnliness have been possible. This won’t give you chest hair or turn women into men, but it will give you a potent false sense of manliness and the sensation of bushy chest hair.

I was tipped off to Madox’s website, thebestpageintheuniverse. It probably helps that I’m tired– I’ve put in more than slphabet hours during the past 8 day I just picked this up in a used bookshop during lunch. You get the picture. He’s not the kind of person to read if you are easily offended. At the same time I found myself laughing uncontrollably.