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Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute LSGG – GENEVE plates LSGG AERODROME OBSTACLE CHART – TYPE A – RWY VFR Chart of LSGG. IFR Chart of LSGG. Location Information for LSGG. Coordinates: N46°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Genève. Geneva International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly known as Cointrin Geneva Operation Manual FRENCH · De-icing Procedures GVA · Charts.

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N 47 12 Flight documentationLanguage s used. TOBT is set and updated by the handling agents based upon the following status:.

N 45 57 It is the handling agent’s responsibility to feed the A-CDM platform with the deicing information. PCA connection follows shortly after engine shutdown. The flashing red lights are switched off and the siren sounds intermittently for 5 seconds.

When passing ft but not before D8 GVA, turn right. MAX 1s 5 Remarks Obstacle marking and lighting.


Ground handling agents For commercial air transport, except taxi FLTs, the use of one of the ground handling agents mentioned below is required. Definition of Commercial Air Transport: These units will pass information and instructions on the appropriate frequencies REF: Training and check FLTs are prohibited at night.

E 46 LDGs from to to are only permitted provided the carrier: A siren, followed by flashing red lights, is activated on the movement areas if there is a risk of lightning within a radius of 5 km around the airport. The climb is carried out as follows for jet and propeller ACFT: For commercial air transport, except taxi FLTs, the handling agents are: Large transport aircraft platform: The clearance distance between outer main gear and taxiway edge is at least 3.

Type of landing forecast.

AIP for SWITZERLAND (section ADLSGG) valid from 27 APR

N 45 19 E 45 Available, 1 rescue boat, 4 inflatable rafts for 37 passengers each, 1 inflatable raft for 65 passengers. Wing tip to wing tip clearance may be reduced to at least 7. A system is installed to prevent bird-strikes. DEPs from to to are only permitted provided:.


E 56 Lxgg data transfer enables accurate and early prediction of DEP times. E 47 Supporting structures for RWY 23 elevated approach lights are non-frangible.

LSGG : Cointrin International Airport : OpenNav aviation database

If unable to chafts with the above rule, persons must ask for assistance of a handling agent. Geodetic undulation reference for ARP: High terrain North of AD.

Chapter two ACFT, holding an exemption permit, are subject to the following restrictions: The following messages are used for each individual FLT:.

N 46 40 As a rule, messages such as: Taxiway width, surface and strength. For business and general aviation FLTs, the ground handling agents are: N 46 54 LDG clearance will be issued only if touchdown will occur before the night ban. E 26