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Los monstruos: Dave Eggers ; traducción de Cruz Rodríguez Juiz. Front Cover. Dave Eggers. Mondadori, – Runaway children – pages. Los monstruos/ Wild Things (Spanish Edition): Dave Eggers, Cruz Rodriguez Juiz: Books – The Wild Things has ratings and reviews. Suzie said: I know a lot of people didn’t like this book, their arguments being that it was an unneces.

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There was never any promise of a straightforward plot, which might be one of things Max himself finds so frustrating, until he has no choice but to leave the beasts behind, with no intention of ever returning. It builds on somethings that the film had to gloss over, and it leaves some of the visual poetry from the film out.

I was a bad little girl who loved scary things, and a book about monsters just spoke to me. In his first novel, Dave Eggers has written a moving and hilarious tale of two friends who fly around the world trying to give away a lot of money and free themselves from a profound loss.

Thus the four stars, but really, it’s closer to 4.

Los monstruos by Dave Eggers on Apple Books

What piqued my interest recently was that the Autism classroom for younger students that I work in was reading the original version recently. His wolf suit seems to make him one of them. He watches and observes.

In one point he wonders if smashing his crush in fggers face with a snowball hard enough to make her cry will make her like him more despite deliberately setting out to annoy his sister, thus showing enough brains to know how to torment people To be fair despite eggers number of words devoted to negatively my complaints just took longer to explain The Wild Things is a good book, its a fast funny read, I just felt unsatisfied, perhaps because it sits awkwardly between movie novelization, adaption of a child’s book, making the target audience presumably the small band of movie-goers who like to monstguos the exact thing they’ve seen and children’s book readers who want a longer version?

Eggers, whom I love, co-wrote the screenplay and then re-adapted the movie for this novel. One of the vampires bit the tallest building but his fangs broke off. I guess my problem is just that it basically fell flat. How We are Hungry Item Condition: It builds on somethings that the film had to gloss over, and it leaves some of the vi I eggers the film.

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So far as I can see – that happens a lot around here; so that’s ok.

After years of therapy I realize I was a normal kid with a messed up family. Item location see all. He had to think and he could only think while biking or building things, and he wanted to be biking, to think with the blood loudly filling his head. The author had a dreamlike idea but just couldn’t get the execution right, and I don’t really know if that was because it was tied to the movie or not. All these things are pretty heavy to a young boy or to anyone, really but the way that Max chooses to deal with them is dishonest to others and himself and his behavior really doesn’t do him any favors.

Dave Eggers co-wrote the movie version with Spike Jonze, and then he penned this novel based on their screenplay. Eggers flushes out Sendak’s monumental children’s book and also give depth to the movie that Spike Jonze made about the book and Eggers co-wrote. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but this makes me wan All I could think about while reading this book was my own childhood. Eggers has said he made some changes in the book from the movie.

I’m glad Max made the journey. Return to Book Page. There was always a power to this simplicity which captured the emotional life of a young boy perfectly. However, at the end, there is still a part of me which wonders if he really will change now that mom has forgiven him and given him cake. I appreciated the opportunity to live a little longer where The Wild Things are, but I didn’t need to. He threw me back and forth between an amazed joy and an exhausted boredom, sometimes in the same chapter.

So, knowing that, and knowing ahead of time that you’re against the concept of the novel or movie even existing—why in the world would you want to read it or see Well, here’s the thing. The overall tone of the book is a bit off, compared to the original book. Eggers took this to the next level, in a way similar to Earl Mac Rauch.

He sees things the others don’t. We all like the idea of saving egfers bit of cash, so when we found out how many good quality used books are out there – we just had to let you know!

Los monstruos

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All that pointless to the review stuff settled I actually read the thing. Even more, how little we still understand as adults and simply act as the facsimiles that we think we’re supposed to. It monstruoe an expansion of the story in Eggers’ imagination, but it didn’t spark anything in my imagination.


Anyway… It was a good, engaging read. Jul 21, Anne rated it really liked it. Aug 17, Mallory rated it it was ok. No, it’s really two things: Het mooiste aan dit boek zijn de prachtige zinnen die me regelmatig weten te raken en die mooi genoeg zijn om te noteren. Of course, from the perspective of a child myself reading the much smaller original version of the story, I remember thinking how imagination was such an amazing and powerful thing.

A lot of accidents and mishaps happen when you do a lot of things at the speed of an excited child. I enjoyed Where the Wild Things are as a child, but think this is a nice grown-up version of Sendak’s amazing book.

The Wild Things

I don’t know what it’s like to grow up as a wild little boy who thinks the way Max does, but I do know how it feels to have inexplicable thoughts and take contradictory actions. And all they would do all the time is eat and talk. Then the Dave Eggers movie script-adaptation book came out. Why would you do a novelization when the picture book is so perfect? The beauty of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ at least for me resides in those gaps between the pages where the shadows fall and the child’s imagination is forced to create in the void.

And my 3rd favorite part was when they were building the fort i like this part because everyones geting along and doing what they like and plus i never builded a fort and it sounded real cool.

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Fortunately the afterword clarified that the book is essentially a novelization I have to start with a wee confession, this book made me realize I have an adaption problem. I had picked Eggers’s book up at a discount as it was an overstock hardcover and I felt it was worth reading at some point, even though I disliked the film version. Anyhow, what I saw in the film I like quite a bit of what Dave Eggers does but I have had a hard time with this story as an adult.