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There were, of course, several other outstanding mathematicians such as Aryabhata II, Bhaskara I, Sridharacharya, Prithudakswami who. Bhaskara’s LILAVATI. Of the many scholars Bhaskaracharya or Bhaskara II ( C.E.) stands out as a teacher and poet. According to the. Lilavati. This story, like many other stories, may not be able to tell us Lilavati. Bhaskara was one of the best mathematicians on the face of.

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To avoid this fate, he ascertained an auspicious moment for his daughter’s wedding and to alert his daughter at the correct time, he placed a cup with a small hole at the bottom of a vessel filled with water, arranged so that the cup would sink at the beginning of bhawkara propitious hour. I have read many different things which are different from the original story I had heard, but here, I will stick to the original one that my teacher had once told me.

One tenth were caught by her lover. The problem was that Indian mathematicians were not able to accept the fact that it is impossible to divide by 0.

Forgotten Tales: Lilavati

It used rings and hoops to depict the equator and the tropics. In order to make sure that he did not miss this particular time, he kept a cup with a small hole at the bottom of a vessel filled with water, arranged so that the cup would sink at the beginning of the destined auspicious hour. In addition to his work on positive and negative numbers, Bhaskara also looked methods to determine unknown quantities and did more work on the number zero.

The book deals with definitions and terms as well as looking kilavati the properties of zero. This fact has led to the following fanciful story. She sat by the pond looking into nothingness and wept.

Basic operations of arithmetic including finding square roots and cube roots, fractions, and the effect of cipher The rule of three, rule of five and so on Bartering, buying and selling Permutations and combinations Progressions and series Geometrical operations Solutions to indeterminate equations The questions in Leelavati are known for their variety, story-like problems and the challenge they offer to students.


From this, Bhaskara concluded that at some point, the differential of the equation of the centre is equal to zero. Posted by Hesaraghatta at 8: Bhaskara had calculated how long it would take for the cup to fill and sink. It is believed that the problems posed to Lilavati form the lilavzti portion of Bhaskara’s treatise which is named after Lilavati.

A famed astronomer and astrologer, Bhaskara bhaskxra that his daughter would not be married and live happily if she is not wedded at an auspicious moment. Each section deals with bhasskara different area of mathematics and astronomy. An epicycle model means that some planets, for example, the sun and the moon, move in small circles.

To find the moment, he constructed a device — a cup with a small hole in its bottom that was placed in a vessel filled with water. I am only going to try to tell you the story I had heard as a child. The little girl asked her father many questions and gained a lot of knowledge this way. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Walter Eugene Clark David Pingree. The interested reader may verify the result by working out the problem from first principles. He also studied and wrote about astronomy. He put the device in a room with a warning to Lilavati to not go near it. Surds are simply square roots that are not whole numbers. In the Goladhyaya, Bhaskara looked at the sphere. At first glance this might seem to be correct, but when looked at from the terms of multiplication, it becomes obvious that it is wrong.

He also discussed astronomical instruments and the bhaskaraa involved with making astronomical calculations. This story, like many other stories, may not be able to tell us what really happened. We love Sydney in the summer December 20, One of his discoveries in this book was spherical trigonometry. He teaches his pupil to be mindful of her surroundings by formulating relevant contextual word problems in arithmetic, algebra and geometry — a clear expert in pedagogy.


Liavati beginnings of infinitesimal calculus lulavati mathematical analysis can be seen in his work. Bhaskara came to the conclusion that if you divide one by zero, you will end up with an infinite number of pieces. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hesaraghatta January 25, at 8: Retrieved from ” https: One eight and one ninth of one eighth were sporting in a pond full of lotuses The lover king of the elephants was leading three female elephants; how many elephants were there in the flock?

Bhaskara II is a famous Indian mathematician. Bhaskara also covered cosmography, geography and the seasons.

Bhaskaracharya and his Leelavati

The Ganitadhyaya The Ganitadhyaya deals with mathematical astronomy. Notify me of new comments via email.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The little pearl that fell into the water upset the calculations made by Bhaskara and the wedding took place, but not at the auspicious hour.

There were several other Kerala mathematicians of note in the post-medieval period.

An armillary sphere is a model showing the globe. Leelavati was written inbefore the days of printing, when the material and equipment required for making permanent written records were not abundant.

Seeking Grooms December 1, This would mean that all numbers are the same, which is obviously not true. It only appears in the translation by Abul Faizi. The Bijaganita lilaavti on algebra and has twelve chapters.