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Tu Eres Especial / You Are Special. Max Lucado (Author), M. Lucado (Author). Sale: $ $ per thing that you specify. Regular Price: $ Bulk Discount. Check out You Are Special / Tu Eres Especial (Max Lucado’s Wemmicks) reviews , ratings, browse wide selection of blu-ray, Libro en perfectas condiciones. About the Author. Max Lucado es un fenomeno en lo que se refiere a publicaciones. Con mas de 15 millones de libros en imprenta, el ha tocado millones con.

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Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. This is one that does it through a spiritual message, emphasizing that we are special because of how our Maker sees us, rather than because of self-generated esteem or the esteem of others.

A quick, charmingly allegorical read with an invaluable message. The message was still loud and clear – but I didn’t see Eli as God Open Preview See a Problem? And that’s why I decided to make this my first review. I love this book because it is a god reminder that I am in charge of how I will especlal my life. In this Religion genre text Eli, the woodcarver, represents the creator of “You Are Special” continues to be one of my favorite books.

We bought this book sort of as a comfort for my middle child who has some developmental and speech delays. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Add to Cart Anxious for Nothing: His name was Punchinello. This was a lovely story that perfectly i Everyday Wemmicks go around sticking stickers on the other Wemmicks.

Nov 25, Amy Bruestle rated it it was amazing. Whenever I feel alone or distant from God or unworthy to be called his child, this is the book I turn to. Max Lucado, the author, portrays his Religion through every piece of literature he writes, making him one of Christianity’s most popular authors. It is a beautiful story about what makes us special.


You Are Special: Max Lucado, Sergio Martinez: : Libros

His award-winning books have been translated into more than fifty-four languages and he has been named one of the most influential leaders in social media by The New York Times. We’ve gotten some other books that have a somewhat similar message – “I made you and I love you Mis pedidos Localizar mis pedidos recientes.

Rabbit Ears Book Blog The primary message of this book is – you are special – extrinsically, by virtue of the fact that God made you Made by Eli. This tale originally appeared within one of the chapters in the award-winning children’s bestseller Tell Me the Secrets.

Tu Eres Especial / You Are Special

I purchased this to give to the preschool children at my church as they “graduated” to kindergarten. This book still makes me cry, even though I have read it a million times.

This is indeed a very touchy and feel-good allegorical story that bears a superficial resemblance to the core message of most ewpecial religions. I will read this to my children and any other children I get the chance to. My mom would read it to Caleb and me, and it is so good.

Wemmicksville is a land created by Eli, the “God” figure of the story. Having Eli feel that he is special makes Punchinello forget about what the other Wemmicks think of him, and one of his dots falls off.

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My children were a little rees by the exaggerated proportions of the Wemmicks, findi A quick, charmingly allegorical read with an invaluable message. One of the main activities that the Wemmicks participated in was putting on golden stars and gray dots on each other. Espdcial forget about trying to read the paperback version to 2 kids because they will constantly be climbing over you trying to see the illustrations.

The first time I read this book I cried. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. The gray dots would represent the oibro attractive side of each person, such as if their wood and paint is not pretty or if they cannot do any kind of spectacular stunts, then they are awarded a gray dot.


This book just resonates with her. There was only one Wemmick who never got any stars. The talented ones do, too.

Jun 06, Eree rated it it was amazing Shelves: I never felt special growing up, much especiaal Punchinello. No activado Word Wise: Everyday the Wemmicks would give shiny stars to the Wemmicks that did amazing things and gave black dots to Wemimicks that did things wrong. The perfect book to read to a student who feels as though they are not good enough to fit in or are different from those around them.

I probably would have had lots of gray dots and no gold stars either! They’re Wemmicks just like you.

Tu eres Especial – Max Lucado – Google Books

Gana dinero con nosotros. But we pressed on and they acclimated to the art style. Only when Punchinello stays close to Eli does he clearly see how espedial walk through his life in Wemmicksville.

The story of Punchinello imitates the idea that God loves us even though we make mistakes and have flaws! In fact, it suggests that greater self-esteem comes when we let neither the criticisms nor the compliments edes others stick, and instead look to our creator for our perspective on our worth. However, the message diverges significantly from the true Christian belief.