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A source of Loop info on the Lexicon JamMan. JamMan Diagnostics – from the JamMan Service Manual. JamMan Memory – A collection of posts from the. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon . to put my Vortex into the feedback loop of the JamMan manually, using a mixer. More info on the Digitech JamMan than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! You may also be interested in the Looper’s Delight pages for the legendary Lexicon JamMan. Since there is some Digitech JamMan manual ( pdf).

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You can Reverse the sample, but results of reversing during playback are disappointing. Causes clicks at the loop boundary.

Wed, 27 Nov The Man Himself: If any of you have a Jam Man you owe it toyourself to try to use MIDI to control all of its’ functions using program change messages. Links About this site Contact. Printed in the U. Skip to primary content. Lexicon’s JamMan memory upgrade knowledge base page.

The echoplex has only mono in and out Rob: Probably the plex or jamman would be fine. How well do they work together? Constantly evolving textures and all. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

LEXICON JAMMAN SCH Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

A replacement chip which adds a few welcome features. Fellow loop minded people, The Echoplex is really a different beast than the JamMan. As the loop repeats, beats one and three are coincident with respect to both patterns, but as the loop continues the patterns diverge and then converge making for a very nice sound.


Its like if I were to try and demonstrate trumpets, being a guitar player. The JamMan does not have much in the way of editing features. If no audio trigger is specified via LEDs are Inactive in this mode. And like any good instrument, it allows the beginner to have a good time with just a few basics. And does it really have two amp-switching feed-outs? After that you can select one of 3 functions: Will Replace cancel the fade function? Incidentally, why oh why doesn’t JM accept Midi volume I doubt the JamMan has this option, manal it?

Web site is unfinished after many years and hard to navigate. Via MIDI you have access to either of the 2 Loop modes Punch-in or Phrased regardless of which Loop mode you actually have lexicoon front panel knob set on This I discovered by accident, it’s not in the manual.

Dave- I tried it and loved it but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a bummer that you can’t loop it and play over it without adding what you are playing to the echo.

Curious Matthias Patrick Smith: A simple request, but it didn’t get done. I’ve actually seen this done plenty of times in the studio where the engineer will be bouncing tracks from one multitrac to another, with no form of hard sync. A friend of mine has a JamMan. It occured to me some time back that this could probably be done with two loopers jammans or echoplexes I suppose, and I’m sure there was a reason for why I thought I needed two to do this rather than one, but I’m not remembering it now.

I’m obviously biased on this issue, but here’s my thoughts anyway. Wed, 11 Sep Chris Chovit: Can the feedback level be controlled reduced on the Jamman without using this Midi fade?


Lexicon JamMan Manual

Only one loop can play at once, and loop time is fixed with the first loop. I recommend using a mixer.

I guess maybe I don’t jxmman the issue, since I’m not familiar with the Jamman. My brother Chris and I have developed a looping system based around one or more mixers. Now, rather than using the looping functions, I usually prefer to just use its delay function. Their lengths can lxicon of each other, which I don’t think is true of the jamman. I think the Jamman has a wall wart. You can do a lot with just the three most basic functions – Record, Overdub, and Multiply.

Mon, 4 Nov andre wrote: Sat, 21 Sep Kim Flint said: There’s also these really talented guys doing this “street” jamman music with samples, turntables and stuff This page is a start, but is by no means complete. Here’s a technique I use with the JamMan to get a more flexible, improvisational feel from it.

Am I missing something here? Hence the popular practise of running backwards and forwards over the same bit of loop is not supported. Having an incredible electric violinist put us well into the game to begin with tho After that, it was a simple matter to ,anual the bits into the track from the sampler.