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The present invention relates to a method for operating a heat engine ditherme ring-opened, such as a gas turbine, comprising: combusting at least one solid. TD Machines Thermiques. Home · TD Electrical Machines 2 AC Machines. EE Electrical Machines-II fluid machinery turbo machines rotor stator eulers. 31 déc. École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes MACHINES THERMIQUES Au cours dun cycle, le fluide thermique dun moteur ditherme reoit J.

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According to its second object, the present invention therefore relates to the use of at least one solid pyrotechnic charge whose combustion gases are essentially composed of hydrogen to the gas feed of a thermal machine ditherme ring-opened, such a gas turbine. Pour amliorer cette situation, l’ide consiste soutirer de la turbine une fraction y de la vapeur, lorsque la temprature de celle-ci est encore leve point 5 sur la figure 2et mlanger cette vapeur au liquide sortant de la pompe 1 point 4.

Pyrotechnic method for disposing non-pressurized hydrogen to portable or loaded fuel cells, comprises heating a solid pyrotechnic load in a chamber for generating hydrogen, and flowing the hydrogen through an opening in large volume tank.

NaCl, resulting from the combination of said NaNO3 with Cl ammonium perchlorate that may impact and damage the mechanical parts of the turbine. As described in the prior art, the combustion product gases of the prior art Ref. Research on the combustion properties of propellants with low content of nano metal powders. On affirme que cet appareil peut fonctionner dans une pice 25 C si on lui fournit une puissance mcanique de kW.

File:Cycle machine thermique.png

Turbine vapeur Une turbine vapeur reoit de la vapeur deau une pression de 1 MPa et une temprature de C. Quel doit tre le dbit dadmission m 1de la vapeur? En dduire les expressions du 1er et du 2ime principes en fonction du dbit dentre me.

Calculez le travail par kilogramme que lon doit fournir cette eau dans la pompe, si lon considre que lvolution est isentropique.

Thermo S2-2 exo 2009-2010

Machihes de rfrigration On tudie, ici, le fonctionnement dun rfrigrateur. Such solid pyrotechnic charges are known and they generate 25 hydrogenated gas mainly consisting of hydrogen under particularly advantageous conditions, with reference to numerous stipulations, and more particularly with reference to the temperature specified, the specification detailed below -above.


It, however, that the combustion gases or pressurization generated must be “essentially” made of hydrogen. The invention is more particularly described below all 20 as a prior art in reference to gas turbines but his teaching is, obviously, for any machine of the same type, ie for any heat engine ditherme open cycle.

A method according to any one of claims 1 to 8, characterized 35 in that the combustion of said at least one pyrotechniquesolide loading is carried out in a combustion chamber, arranged upstream of said heat engine ditherme open cycle. A method according to any one of claims 1 to 10, characterized in that it further comprises feeding said cycle thermal machine ditherme open with at least a portion of the combustion gases generated by combusting at least one solid pyrotechnic charge of another type of composite propellant e.

Said method is the main object of the present invention.

Or la temprature moyenne sur le rchauffage ‘ du liquide figure 1. Puis il subit une dtente au niveau d’une valve V et finit de se vaporiser dans l’vaporateur E avant de retourner dans le compresseur.

Thus, patent application FR diyhermes a cooling of the combustion gases prior to their injection into the turbine.

Use of at least one solid pyrotechnic charge whose combustion gases are essentially composed of hydrogen to power, gas, thermal machine ditherme open cycle, and in particular a gas turbine. In this other technical field, the main stipulations of the specifications are: Alkali metal or alkaline earth metal borohydride and strontium nitrate Sr NO3 2 containing solid compositions for generating hydrogen by combustion.

Ils produisent un Combustion temperatures of these solid pyrotechnic products are between K and K the joint use of at least one other pyrotechnic product 10 having a higher combustion temperature to K is not completely excluded from the scope of the process of the invention but should, if said use involves a too high flue gas temperature, to provide a cooling of the generated combustion gases gases generated by the combustion of said at least one other product or only gas 15 resulting from the mixing of hydrogenated gas and gas generated by the combustion of said at least one other product and vary with the exact composition of these solid combustion pyrotechnics is stable at operating pressures of a thermal machine ditherme ring-opened, such as a turbine.


In the context of this variant, the s product s Pyrotechnic s used s contain s preferably in their composition: It should be noted here, incidentally, that the regulation of the gas flow can be obtained in the same way when the at least one combustion chamber is arranged within the chamber of the machine. La soufflante B aspire simultanment l’air sortant de la soufflante A dans les conditions P2 et T2 et m3 par minute d’air dans le caisson P, dans les conditions P3 et T3.

Toutes les machines et tous les circuits sont supposs parfaitement calorifugs. The skilled person knows gas generators architectures including at thermiaues one pyrotechnic charge adapted for pressurizing a reservoir such as the chamber containing the turbine. Patent application EP describes such an architecture.

Dans ces deux caissons, les pressions sont diffrentes. Published on Dec View Download La vapeur est sche l’entre de la turbine, reprsente par le point 1 sur ddithermes diagramme entropique joint; – condensation dans le condenseur la pression P2 et la temprature T2 constantes, jusqu’ l’tat liquide saturant; 10 – compression isentropique de leau liquide de P2 P1 dans une pompe ; – chauffage pression constante P1, puis vaporisation cette mme pression dans la chaudire.

The main gaseous species produced by combustion of pyrotechnic products are also shown in Table 2. SITE To ensure thermjques functioning of the site, we use cookies. A method according to any one of claims 1 to 8, characterized in that the combustion of said at least one solid pyrotechnic charge is carried within said thermal machine thermiqjes open thermiqufs.

Calculez le travail chang entre le fluide et le milieu extrieur.

File:Cycle machine – Wikimedia Commons

The combustion between the air and the fuel generates combustion gas 30 hot, pressurized by pressure in said combustion chamber. The disadvantage of these salts is, however, to produce, upon combustion, solid particles e. Les variations d’nergie cintique et d’nergie potentielle sont ngligeables.

La transformation DA est une transformation isochore du gaz parfait.

Toutes les transformations sont supposes quasi statiques. La source froide est 17 C. Typically, said combustion gases consist essentially of hydrogen.