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Les intellectuels faussaires has ratings and 40 reviews: Published May 20th by Gawsewitch, pages, Paperback. Les intellectuels faussaires de Pascal Boniface. 3 likes. Book. Les intellectuels faussaires: Le triomphe médiatique des experts en mensonge: : Pascal Boniface: Books.

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His book is a best seller, and he has spent more time in television studios than the French soccer team spent at the World Cup in South Africa. Open Preview See a Problem? The same intellectuals have been rounded up as often as Claude Rains’s usual suspects in Casablanca. Be the first to ask a question about Les intellectuels faussaires. Along with a relatively small number of traditional media overseen by state and corporate interests, there is a growing market in nontraditional media.

Now it is the new Right that is on the ascendant—the French equivalent of American neoconservative thinkers—for whom our era’s totalitarian threat issues not from Das Kapital but from the Koran. They move easily between the political and the personal; they subvert or pretend to subvert the established order of things; they are cheap and easily passed from one reader to the next; and, perhaps most important, they tap fausssaires deep reserves of popular fauseaires and hostility toward traditional political and cultural institutions.

Next paragraph, same TV show. Meaning they are simply cheap insults and nothing more. Yassir El rated it did not like it Nov 04, Moreover, not a few commentators have rapped Boniface for being as self-aggrandizing as BHL.

Marxist update: Les Intellectuels Faussaires

So the published tapes of Tariq Ramadan that are sold in book shops are not public, but French popular TV shows are. But his remark about books large and small raises intriguing questions about intellectual life in France today. Ramadan, saying in 14 lines something that can be resumed “I never said that”. Historians will always debate the relationship between Voltaire’s words—and those of his fellow philosophes—and the revolutionary events that followed soon after his death.


Pascal Boniface’s discourse is also of a very low quality. Instead, today’s intellectuals are content to crush only one another’s reputations, guaranteeing that the only thing on the march is their growing irrelevance.

Les intellectuels faussaires: le triomphe médiatique des experts en mensonge

Robert Zaretsky is a professor of French history at the University of Houston. Everyone wants a piece of the thinker who, even when alive, was skeletal, but Voltaire’s modern-day descendants are in fact precipitating the decline of their own vocation. To ask other readers questions about Les intellectuels faussairesplease sign up.

That in itself is no argument, but an issue with his complexes, see below. The era of Apostrophes, which went off the air innow seems golden. By the late s, lfs the ascendancy of Apostrophes, Bernard Pivot’s remarkable talk show devoted exclusively to books, the literary cafe was eclipsed by the television studio.

Is Boniface’s posing as a maverick taking on the Paris establishment any more convincing than BHL’s posturing as a liberation fighter in Libya?

Along you get the quotes. But this is precisely one of the problems with Boniface’s book: Ramadan is targeted by Ms. Preview — Les intellectuels faussaires by Pascal Boniface.

Caroline Fourest says something long, referring to probably a larger quote than that given by Pascal. But honestly, what writer would not love to be as scorned and ignored as Boniface? Maybe Pascal Boniface has taped the show. InBoniface quit the Socialist Party after he wrote an internal report that was critical of the party’s support of Israel.

Parisian intellectuals used to do what they do best: Mais Habib rated it did not like it Jul 18, More broken quotes follow.

A rubbery effigy resembling him appears regularly on Les Guignols de l’Info, a popular daily puppet show that satirizes the follies of French politicians and celebrities. And that gives the key to the text: She is quite loud, quite impatient, yet her reasoning is not too sound. Is Caroline Fourest a serial liar as stated in this book? A professor at the University of Paris and director of the Institute for International and Strategic Relations, Boniface has written dozens of books, served as a foreign-policy adviser to the Socialist Party, and, not least in the nation that gave us Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane, is secretary general of the Football Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting the values of tolerance and respect on the soccer field.


So, too, with the other objects of Boniface’s ire. And this thought only brings the image of a backwater preacher doing his preaching to the choir. Way too verbose, yet in a suspect way, the qualificatives lack any shadow of support. That is my opinion so far. As a result, the exclamators carry the day in a world where there are no longer figures like Aron or Camus.

There is, by the way, no exclamation mark in the inteolectuels. I am not even aware the show took place. The intellectual began his disappearing act, paradoxically, just as he became a fixture on French television. That Debray appeared on Apostrophes shortly after denouncing it seemed yet another sign of Pivot’s influence. Newer Post Older Post Home.

And the next chapter. Just as politicians “accumulate mandates”—in other words, serve simultaneously as a minister, mayor, and parliamentary deputy—so, too, do intellectuals gather many titles and posts. They are no longer in the business of crushing superstition wherever they encounter it.

Wednesday, October 5, Les Intellectuels Faussaires. The examples take as much as the introduction.