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Provides music for clarinet exercises designed to improve one’s breathing, finger position, evenness, Clarinet method, Book 2. Front Cover. Leon Russianoff. Clarinet method by Leon Russianoff, September , Schirmer Books edition, Paperback in English. Clarinet Method: Bk. 1 by Leon Russianoff, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It was late, and my mood was a bit out of place- which vindicates not. I understand what reading is, thus why I perhaps attempted to construct a posting that would push a less-educated clarinetist to seek the context in which the work lies. That language is concrete and immutable: Nice, funny guy, and one who was open to a lot dussianoff different ideas. She was institutionalized with alzheimers for a lengthy period.

Perhaps knowing the realm of conception can assist in further illumination, but it is not essential; nor necessary. Also, I should say that the book from Amazon is just a print on demand copy of the microfilm archive of Masiellos submission. I wholeheartedly agree that each student learns in their own personal manner that need be fostered by their instructor, or maintaining an “open mind”.

You had me excited though. I was at a recital where he showed up wearing a fluorescent red hat, with students clustering around him.

Clarinet Method Book I, Leon Russianoff. (Paperback )

I have several sets and they, too, are not for sale. La Trobe University Library. When someone is an acknowledged expert in a field, I don’t think it necessarily implies closed mindedness to write down ones thoughts and ideas.

He was very good. Perhaps his daughter could be persuaded to let it be done with, of course, her permission and payment of royalties. The “open-mindedness” with which he approached his students is a wholly differing matter than that, and comes from a diametrically opposed direction to getting at the heart of things. As for me, I was seeking the books because it was the first and so far only method for clarinet I had heard of, so I fancied having a look.


russiamoff This is not James Joyce; and we are metthod seeking “true authorial-intent” as if it even exists. As for people who take individual teachings as ‘gospel’, I agree with you that it is up to them to ask themselves why they choose russianotf do so, should they choose to ask themselves! More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list. BTW – Mine are not for sale Login to add to list.

Tags What are tags? Instruments Retailers and manufacturers of clarinets, both modern and early replica. As you stated “history may level things out” re. Only really to be recommended to academics engaged in research in this area. You may find libraries near you which have copies at this URL. Be the first to add this to a list. When you place your order through Biblio, the seller will ship it directly to you.

I suspect that the 5 volume edition was probably never actually produced as anything other than a very limited run of perhaps a handful off copies, just to satisfy the requirements of Masiellos degree. I had the good fortune to play for him in a master class several years ago I did Shepherd on the Rock and learned a tremendous amount from his work with my playing and with the other players.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. But if these teachers didn’t write books, those of us not fortunate enough to have known them personally would be missing out.


If I had wanted to insult you, I would have used a phrase like ‘the idiocy that spills from your mind. If, and I take this to be one of your points, some people overvalue the worth of these publications for whatever reasons, history may level things out over time.

But, in the meantime, it remains a good idea to read, and encourage others to read, in order that we can understand more about the clarineh and its playing.

9780028722306 – Clarinet Method Book I by Leon Russianoff

I make them available to my students along with the Bonade books as good “homework”. You said, ‘How can someone apply his books in their own development without the context that only he could provide? His wife’s illness and his daughter’s lack of interest probably explain why the method hasn’t been reissued. Interestingly, many, many, many of his hand written notations some almost illegible in my various study books and solo pieces are the same notations used in the lessons plans within the books.

The works need to be placed in a context so one not able to have studied with Russianoff can most effectively glean what Is possible. Those that have them are hoarding them or asking outrageous prices for them.