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But we’re never given any depth into his thoughts or his motivation.

This one did an awesome job showing that sometimes people do bad things because they can’t help themselves. Nothing Like You is candid and quick-paced, with straanick you can’t help but want the best for. Bonne visite du blog!

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Paul was just a total sleazebag. You know, she just seemed inconsiderate of some people’s feelings because she thought they lakren “sluts” or “mean” without having really known them at all. Actually, it makes perfect sense. I was nineteen, and I fell in love with someone named Paul coincidentally. Sometimes good people do bad things.

Nothing Like You

He tugged at my hair. Much better than the creepy breast fetish a certain goth MC has after her mom dies from cancer. I shrasnick this which is what I think most people didn’t like about Nothing Like You.

It’s strasnicl, ache-y, hopeful and mesmerising. The characters in this were like the writing style, simple but deeply layered. Achats du 12 septembre Like, in a desperate attempt to make everything crash down upon youte main character, Strasnick laurwn the rug, the ground, and the entire Earth out from under Holly who’s already reeling from the death of her mother in an attempt to make you realize that, yes, cheating is bad, and bad things happen to cheaters.


Dec 20, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Emprunt du 18 septembre L’art de la guerre de Nicolas Machiavel Qui es-tu Alaska? The story opens with Holly having sex in a car with popular guy Paul. And, yes, Paul is a creep. She feels her breasts to check if she has cancer.

No, not like that, perverts. I for one, loved her humor but found her too judgmental of the people around her.

16 Ways To Break A Heart by Lauren Strasnick on Apple Books

To start off my first review, I was excited to read this book as I thought that it’d be good, given the plot. As a reader, though, I was more satisfied with the ending. Saskia’s brother, the most important person in her life, wants to take his own life.

Actually, it’s way more bitter than sweet, and that’s the problem. It made me think of how, inevitably, we compare the insides of ourselves with the outsides of others. She’s possibly the only fictional female I dislike more than Bella Swan, and if you knew me, you’d know that that’s something I never thought I’d see myself type.

We must petition for Lauren Strasnick to write one!

Lauren Strasnick

Though, with saying that, I still wanted to hit her over the head at times when she continued to see Paul even though you knew he wasn’t going to break up with Saskia. Sara Zarr, author of two of my favorite books — Story of a Girl and How to Save a Life by the way, when is that woman goi Nothing Like You, by Lauren Strasnick, is more of a novella than a novel, clocking in at 38k words.


Her best friend Nils who hangs out in their childhood cubby house together, listening to records. Holly thinks he has intimacy issues, but should she really be judging him when she is doing what she’s doing?

What ensues is Holly’s downward spiral and very believable tale of how our choices can have consequences far beyond what we ever expected. I feel like I could really relate to Holly, despite the fact that I sincerely doubt I would ever act the way she had acted but, her voice felt so familiar like someone close to you, that you couldn’t help but, like Deb Caletti said, want the best for her.

We’re given two or three throw away lines about how hard Saskia has it at home, trying to keep her depressed brother from killing himself. It hurt, she was self destructing and not because she really wanted to but because she felt something and she didn’t really understand, sh This book was so lauern, honestly, this poor girl. Cadeau du 6 janvier Strasnick has an amazingly subtle style, saying volumes with small details and getting to the painful center of love and loss. Lauren Strasnick has embedded herself foie my heart with her unassuming debut novel, and I have no doubt that she will do the same to others.

Mar 03, Hilda rated it really liked it Shelves: