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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Giro en la Divina Voluntad (3) (EspaƱol) – Luisa Piccarreta – SFVT. Round of the soul in the Divine Will (English) – Luisa Piccarreta – SFVT. LUISA PICARRETA AMADORA DE LA DIVINA VOLUNTAD.

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You should have never begun it. For seventeen years, their spiritual friendship grew ever stronger, as we will see, until the day of his birth into heaven on June 1,divuna is the day the Pope selected for his liturgical feast day.

La Divina Voluntad y Luisa Piccarreta

Your counsels and suggestions fill me with consolation, but I am still a child in this great science of the Divine Will. So, realizing all the importance of these writings of heaven, he imposes an even vokuntad obedience on Luisa, more severe than that, which her confessors, whom she had voluntqd faithfully obeyed, had given her before. And I asked myself: We firmly hope that Luisa will also be glorified soon on earth, fully aware that the true glorification of Luisa will be that the Divine Will reign and dominate in our souls as on its royal throne.

Who knows whom our Lord will make use of? Saint Hannibal made four editions of this book, andall bearing the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. And shortly afterward he gave out a cry of joy, which also penetrated heaven and earth, and Jesus told you that he was so happy because he saw the sons of the Divine Will appearing in the world. This science of the Divine Will is lofty, and yet these writings dictated by heaven present the doctrine in all its purity and clearness. El Don de la Divina Voluntad.


And the next paragraph makes it clear just how far the Divine Will wants to go in the souls where it wants to reign. As founder of a work it is easier for him to approach bishops, priests and people, and also in his own institute, announce the Kingdom of my Will.

And he even went so far as to get involved, by giving his authoritative Imprimatur after my Nihil Obstat. In view of all this, we can say that the canonization of Fr.

RSS – Suscripciones de Audio. Sobre la Divina Voluntad.

Some requests were for fifty copies, and some even for a hundred, such as the request that one of the best-known bookstores of the Vatican made, as St. According to me, there is no human intelligence that could have conceived them.

Well, now ask our Lord with faith and love, that you might at least work the miracle of returning my health to me. Magisterio de la Iglesia. No, no, I have arranged it; it is a providential act of the Supreme Will that wants him as first apostle and herald of piccsrreta Divine Fiat. Oh, if I only had the strength I did when I was young, I would fly to Oria to dedicate myself to this divine work! From the following paragraphs of his, we can appreciate his immense interest, and the extremes to which Saint Hannibal went.

In a word, I feel an interior state of anguish and pain unlike anything I have ever experienced before. So, it is not permissible for you to leave off even a single syllable. With all this you can clearly comprehend how everything has been Will of God, and that in all things concerning your writings, both present and future, you are subject to my exclusive obedience.


At lla, you go ten to fifteen days without writing. It is Jesus Christ who is speaking. I told them to buy it. Here are some paragraphs illustrating this.


In fact, he was providentially appointed luiwa only spiritual director in all matters concerning her writings and their publication, but their ecclesiastical censor as well, as we see by what follows:.

Finally, the work that Saint Father Hannibal had begun ended with this death.

So, one can clearly see that St. And if the Lord is pleased to return my health, we will translate them into many languages and circulate them in many nations. In other words, piccsrreta was the recognition of all our Lord had communicated to Luisa, and piccarreat taught her to live to perfection: It will be organized in the simplest of ways: He had a very high esteem and appreciation for Luisa.

Although the task was gigantic, as he himself had said, with generosity and complete abandonment into the hands of providence, he began the undertaking.

Luisa Piccarreta – Hannibal Mary Di Francia, apostle of the Divine Will

What I mean is that the demons were filled with rage to see me busy with the work of the publication of your writings. This is what he wrote a short time before dying:. I piccarrta a sublime and divine science in them, although I have not yet been able to penetrate them thoroughly, for my lack of intelligence. How did they find out about it?