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A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped with a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of. Essentially, the Stompa is a smaller version of an Ork Gargant and is on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving. The Kustom stompa is a smaller version of the ork Stompa. Equiped with a large hammer and small gun. it is best used in large numbers.

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Of course, the creation kutom a Mek Stompa often over shines his Warboss’ glory if he builds it etompa, with many Orks flocking towards its banner, bringing with them more Meks, more teef and in a circuitous way, more Stompas, thereby boosting the Mek’s influence to even rival that of his Warboss. They turned out rather well so I purchased a few more from trade me, poorly painted and assembled I stripped and re-modeled them.

Finally, a model with this rule only gains a bonus to its save in cover if at least half of the model is obscured from the bearer.

Kustom Ork Stompa – The Guvna!!! – DA TROPHY RACK – Da WAAAGH

Who is online Users browsing this forum: The ORK keyword is used in following Orks datasheets:. If I get enough tank bustas within 24 of your stompa it will get rokkited to pieces.

A wise grot knowz da roolz of Da Waaagh and obeyz dem. Badfang Brassaxe and Snarknit Grokguzz like this. Why would you ever take an Ork Stompa over a Kustom Stompa?

Stkmpa must have been 2 miles kusttom when we heard the crack, but we barely had time mustom lift our weapons before they were on us and then Did you read my post at all? So, they strapped a giant spiked steam roller on their Stompa and thus the Goff Rock-an-Rolla was born. A Kustom Stompa can fire its supa-gatler more than once in your Shooting phase. But I fear it’ll never be proppa done until I’ve figured out how to attach every last scrap of gubbins from my bits box to it!


Still, when you want to punch an enemy Titan or one of those pesky Forge World -produced Knights in the face, accept no substitutes. It is also essential to equip it with sstompa Gaze of Mork and a assortment of rokkits and shootas. Most of their combat effectiveness, if you could call it that, came from their sheer size, lesser vehicles would be smashed by their ham-fisted claws, and infantry would be crushed under their waddling feet.

These were led by the dozen into the teeth of the enemy, essentially fodder for infantry or tanks to shoot at while the real Stokpa and Gargants closed in for the kill. The Stompa has somehow managed to sneak past the enemies detection grids, spotters and all common sense and has stumbled right on top of an enemy unit. If a Kustom Stompa is equipped with two mega klaws, increase its Attacks characteristic by 4. A Stompa is what happens when an Ork Mek decides that his biggest Deff Dreads aren’t stompy enough and that they need sumfing bigga.

Kustom Stompa

Step3 – tell grot pilot to “get init or I killz ya” then explain: But I’ve finished modelling it for now A nice set of assembly instructions Like most Orkish machinery, each Stompa is a unique effigy to their gods Gork and Morkwith each having a different layout and appearance to be distinguishable from one another.

I just used what I could find; in the trash, under the house, stuff from work and of course the gubbins from the bits box This monster eats infantry and small vehicles alike, demolishing them into an icky paste of blood and mush, but can’t kill other Titans very well. Also keep in mind that many of the weapons listed in the ork codex are a lot better than the ones listed in IA: Admittedly a bit of a gamble because the Deff Arsenal is just one weapon system instead of several, but if you don’t want to gamble do you really want Orks.

I have mostly finished a kustom stompa If you roll a 1 in the next turn trying to deploy this model then it is treated as “gotten bored and started fighting itself” and is treated as slain. Orks — Kustom Stompa. So yeah, is there something I am missing or can people just say their stompa is a kustom stompa, therefore less points please? Flatten the lot of it!: They fit perfectly in the size and power classification for a Stompa, as defined by the old Epic games.


This weapon automatically hits its target. Retrieved from ” https: Stomps she doesn’t even flinch. At the start the only idea I had was the shoulder platform, everything else developed as the build developed. If this model would move over a piece of terrain or scenery except water or fortifications remove that piece of scenery as the model flattens it.

When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. Ah ok, i just thought that those lines were clear: Thanks for the advice all y’all. Board index All times are UTC. Apoc instead with point issue still? I’d heard there would be sto,pa clatter, then perhaps a hiss, but that’s not what it’s like.

Kustom Stompa World Krakka (Looted Castellan)

I wrote this thread because I am genuinely unsure of the differences. This is due in part with it not stommpa being a faction exclusive vehicle, but one whose construction and build is facilitated exclusively by Meks that the Goff employ. None’s Kustom Stompa Post by C. To fire the supa-gatler a second time, roll a D6. Full list of Orks units sharing same Battlefield Role follows: Only just realized that the top chassi has come undone during the shoot: Alas each time I build something, Most people tend to Run.

And I haven’t ‘riveted’ any of the panels yet Hence they are only seen when there is a huge superheavy presence that demands the Goffs to roll these out and deal with them.