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Published: (); Ōkina katsuji no Sanseidō kokugo jiten / By: Kindaichi, Kyōsuke. Shin meikai kokugo jiten / Kindaichi Kyōsuke [et al.]. 新明解国語 辞典. Results 1 – 30 of Jitsuyao shin kokugo jiten penji fudejun Eigo tsuki by Sanseido and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Product description. ” Seventh edition official app SANSEIDO Japanese dictionary ” is a Buy Sanseido Kokugo Jiten 7th edition -Sanseido Japanese- Japanese Dictionary-: Read Apps & Games Reviews –

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The second edition of the OED, in contrast, has a bibliography of nearly pages. Small Single-Volume Dictionaries Although the large single-volume dictionaries are the best general references on the Japanese language, their weight and bulk make them unwieldy and unportable. When the fourth edition of Koujien came out inI made it my dictionary of first resort for several months, moving the first edition of Daijirin to another shelf. Daijiten has been reprinted twice in compressed editions, the most recent being a two-volume version with four pages reduced to fit on one and an accompanying magnifying glass for readers with postpubescent eyes.

While all of the big dictionaries are advertised as gifts for recent graduates and newlyweds, this one seems most consciously designed to appeal to the casual, unintellectual consumer. In any case, the dictionary, while definitely atypical in many of its definitions, is still aimed at the general reader.

They are clear and attractive, and they make the book a pleasure for casual browsing. Although the large single-volume dictionaries are the best general references on the Japanese language, their weight and bulk make them unwieldy and unportable.

The one area where this dictionary excels is in its pictures.

Catalog Record: Shin meikai kokugo jiten | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Its definitions are often longer and more explanatory than those in single-volume dictionaries, and it includes many line drawings, primarily of kokugl unique to Japanese culture.

This dictionary is an example. Among its advertised features: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kokuggo smaller dictionaries usually emphasize the contemporary language and exclude archaisms, so it is sometimes possible to find more complete definitions or more appropriate examples in these than in the larger works.


The Japan Forum “This is probably the best-selling and most well known of the smaller kokugo dictionaries,” writes Gally”though its fame rests less on its authority than on the quirkiness of its definitions. I can only assume that this editorial capitulation was the result of inadequate scholarly consensus on how to determine the origins of Japanese words.

This is a solid, reliable dictionary with no noticeable quirks. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While not as convenient for finding unknown kanji as the kan-ei dictionaries, this supplement at last provides readers of Japanese with the ability to look up all words – including those with unknown readings – in a single dictionary.

This paper, after briefly describing Kokugo dictionaries in general, analyzes a typical entry from such a dictionary to illustrate the advantages and challenges of the use of Kokugo dictionaries by learners of Japanese.

While learners of English have access to many monolingual dictionaries designed specifically to meet their needs, learners of Japanese must make do with Kokugo dictionaries, that is, monolingual dictionaries intended for native Japanese speakers.

Because it gives ookugo in historical order, it is the best single-volume choice for people interested in how the meanings of words have changed over time. Kokugo Dictionaries as Tools for Learners: In the list of citations the same authors and titles appear frequently – in the post-Meiji period, for example, the names Natsume Souseki and Mori Ougai crop up again and again – and the list of main works consulted, published in a slim separate jokugo, extends to a mere dozen pages.

Kokugo Dictionaries 国語辞書

I would recommend the ten-volume version to anyone except those with vast amounts of empty shelf space to fill. Following the death of Yamada Tadao, the Shin meikai kokugo jiten acquired a certain notoriety in Japan after the publication of the humorous bestsellers by Akasegawa Genpei”Mysteries of the Shinkai-san ” and Suzuki Makiko”How to read the Shinkai-san “.

In case of claims ko,ugo third parties, authors commit their self to defend the interests of the publisher, and shall cover any potential costs. Later, the publisher released the same text in a slightly more compact but still readable ten-volume edition. Most of the dictionaries ijten so derivative of each other, with nearly identical definitions found in dictionary after dictionary, that one wonders whether copyright protection means anything at all in the case of dictionaries in Japan.


Use Harvard referencing from December Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Unlike many other dictionaries described here, this work seems aimed less at the masses than at people interested in language itself.

Like the other Sanseidou dictionaries, this one has a strong contemporary emphasis and shows the influence of its late editor’s renowned citation collecting. Published as a separate volume inthis book contains all of the headwords in the 2nd edition of the mother volume, indexed by their first and last kanji.

The fifth edition published in seems to have been expanded and modified significantly. All decisions regarding layout and distribution jtien the work are in hands of the publisher.

This dictionary seems in many ways a clone of Daijirin. The entries include many colloquialisms that were missed or ignored by other lexicograhers.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. By the time he died, he had recorded some 1, usage example cards. Often the information I needed could be found in Daijirin. The publisher claims about one-third of the entries have been revised. This dictionary, while about the same size and scope as the other small one-volume dictionaries, has a unique feature: But how often is one in an environment where they have no internet these days?

Tom Gallya Japanese translator kokjgo lexicographer, gives this evaluation:. Like the other Sanseidou dictionaries, this one has a strong contemporary emphasis and shows the influence of its late editor’s renowned citation collecting.

Japanese dictionaries Lexicography Sanseido books. That is awesome that your dictionary mokugo stroke order animations. After all, if I am going to go there, there is probably a large number of competing Japanese dictionary apps. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. In addition to a wide range of general vocabulary, it also includes large numbers of proper names, dialect words, and other entries not found in smaller general-purpose dictionaries.

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