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Slide after slide, Kishore Biyani runs through a presentation on Ashoka . his book, The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swamy. Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman was born on 9 August in Mumbai. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Future. It Happened in India. 9 January | Unabridged. by Biyani Kishore and Shantiraj Naye Daur Ki Ore. May by Kishore Biyani.

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High debt, slow sales”.

Author recounts on how he started as an ordinary cloth seller in Mumbai and eventually how he established the giant retail business spread over a few hundred cities autobiograpyh India serving millions of Indian consumers. The book also sheds light on style and philosophy of KB; in fact the book reveals journey toward formation of his business empire: High on the success of autoboigraphy retail chain during the boom, Biyani took the group into diverse businesses like financial services, taking on too much debt.

Kishore Biyani- Success Behind Future Group

Aug 03, Sanjay Gautam rated it did not like it. If you are aspiring for a career in retail you have a lot to read from a man who built biayni from nothing. Biyani takes a dig at his critics in the press as well autobiogaphy the competition in terms of Shoppers Stop, The Piramals, Westside.

Kishore Biyani definitely revolutionised retail in India; he ensured even the commonest woman entered malls via quality goods at affordable prices.

He understood people and that helped him to in good stead. Kishkre Indian shopping behaviours are core to Indian consumer and Big bazzar caught the same trend be it by creating pani puri stall inside store or by buying old clothes in exchange of utensils, autobiorgaphy mind boggling. In his views, India one consisted of the elite that account for 14 percent of the Indian population, these were the people with a huge spending capacity.


His family members hold significant managerial positions in the firm, while he hires professionals to cater to the other specialized needs of the business.

Book Review: It Happened In India

We consider shopping as societal gathering. The book explains how the group understood Indian consumer, how the Sarvana store of Chennai acted as kkshore role model for the group, how issues related to real estate, advertising were managed. Posted June 30, at 9: Drag according to your convenience. We pray to the cow because it is a source of nutrition.

Why Kishore Biyani is on a creation, preservation and destruction mission

Here are few inspiring lines I am reproducing from the book with all the due credit given to the authors. Only then can the change process begin. Things appeared to be improving after the initial shockwave of Jul 25, Dharmesh rated it really liked it.

CEO of Future Group. In a whole chapter dedicated to his bollywood stint, he shared his learnings from this failed attempt of movie-making. For ex, he was against the idea of making plush interiors and shiny environment inside Big Bazaars as the customers might not enter thinking everything is too expensive.

Taking inspi It is basic human nature that when someone home aurobiography is on to something, his own people are the last to recognize him. Open Preview See a Problem? Entrepreneurship is biyaji thinking big, believing in your own ability and going ahead with huge risks even if you are aware that some of the ventures may not be successful. Go and get a copy for you and I assure you that the time and money you spent is worth the effort.


Kishore Biyani is highly regarded as the retail king of India. It appears that in his mind he is fighting his own Kalinga. This quote from this book is so apt in various situations Most people may not recognize the name ‘Kishore Biyani’ or the ‘Future Retail’, but I doubt if anyone has not heard about the ‘Big Bazaar’ or the ‘Pantaloons’ or the ‘Central’.

Ability to arrange Dandia nights in his locality, launching of WBB fabric brand acted as the steeping stones for Kishore.

V V K Chandra.com

autobbiography The views I express here are not related to my current and previous employers. So mythology suits his sensibilities. He is a person who builds long-term relationships, always looking at the big picture, revels in his Indianness and is always looking out for the next hack.

I see where u got inspired about the office conversations ; A good book that offers depth in the unorganized retail sector and the ‘kirana’ stores in India. From building shopping malls, developing consumer brands to selling insurance, he is getting into every business where a customer spends her money.

Jan 22, Autobioyraphy Gorur rated it really liked it. Jan 28, Ashutosh Mundhada rated it really liked it. Good informative book, but gets repetitive and sometimes a tad boring.

Some reviewers have accused this book of being a PR stunt. In the book Kishore Biyani and Dipayan Baishya have elaborated the genesis and development of the entrepreneur Kihsore Biyani.