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Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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K, actually, this is one of my favorites because it presents the science behind a great deal of my deepest spiritual beliefs. Suffusion theme by Sayontan Evoluhion. Layers of understanding about the unfathomable peculiarities of fundamental particles lead to amazing possibilities.

It means you have organisms unicellular and above.

Michalak rated it liked it Dec 28, The New Science of Life. Besides, what could the EM fields do independently of the action potentials?

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden

Books by Johnjoe McFadden. Just a moment while we sign quuantum in to your Goodreads account. Jacob rated it liked it Jan 15, It seems to me, though, that my lack of understanding is as much from him abusing the ideas of quantum mechanics as it is from me not doing my quantum mechanics homework back in school. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Everyone get in the Jojnjoe We know that something is or it isn’t and that variations happen for a reason. Posted by timeadmin at 7: Enthusiastic readers may be found, however, among those once immersed in science but who have been away from it for a long time; they will be able to use the beginning as a refresher course and will then be prepared for the main thesis.

For a typical johnmoe cell, EM fields from neighboring cells are just the faint sounds of dogs barking down the street, while action potentials transmitted from neighboring cells are the SWAT team kicking jounjoe the bedroom door. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Wes Roberts rated it really liked it Jan 17, Unfortunately I’m not a quantum physicist so a lot of it went over my head – but very thought provoking! There is some support that it is cyclical, but in the end it still Darwinian in that you must be able to cmfadden, thrive, and reproduce.

Seanlindstedt rated it really liked it Apr 13, More often facts are stranger than fiction. What does that mean? Then there is a trauma – a scarcity of a needed resources which forces the organism to adapt. McFadden argues that the odds were helped along by quantum mechanics — he suggests that the initial fumbling around in ancient tidepools johmjoe generate the first self-replicating molecule was quantum-mechanical, so the candidate molecules existed as superpositions of many different configurations simultaneously.

Quantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse (2011)

To me, he still didn’t nail the question as I can’t see quantum physics applied to the literal world sure, there might be multiverses and parallel universes and everything else possibly out there, but we can only perceive of this world – so all that is theoryand since we are organic beings and the organic processes had an origin on earth, applying a purely theoretical solution to a non-theoretical question well But I can’t think of anything that disproves them either. The theory presented is definitely just a theory While most cell-to-cell communication uses action potentials and neurotransmitters, the overall EM field generated by neighboring cells probably has some effect on the brain.

Andrew rated it really liked it Apr 09, Well, you can have a gene that’s turned off or turned on.

Refresh and try again. McFadden’s school is listed as the ‘alternative. Behe’s bizarre views on biology and evolution have been thoroughly discredited elsewhere. Despite my skepticism about his theories, his book is quite entertaining and admirable for its gusto. Read quanyum a dictionary in hand, and only if you fundamentally believe that quantum physics is at least possible, if not plausible or as I do irrefutable reality.


Other Books Life on the Edge: McFadden apparently thought that he was creating a “new science of life”, yet 15 years after this massively vain overstatement, this remains an obscure work of little to no scientific relevance, in which the author over-reaches himself by making grand claims about areas of science that he doesn’t understand.

Two or more people reading at the same time. Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden.

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden » TimeBlimp

What’s offered here is a third option: The New Science of Life If you want a primer on quantum mechanics, look elsewhere. Jan 05, Suhas Bhat rated it really liked it.

Overall it is written well enough that this sceince-laden book is a quick read! His simple but staggering theory evolufion quantum evolution shows how quantum mechanics gives living organisms the ability to initiate specific actions, including new evoluiton.

Readers wanting to learn about science and how scientists think would be well advised to bear in mind that this work reflects the author’s extremely idiosyncratic views on biology and that a mainstream consensus isn’t presented.

Interesting points of view – he’s one of my old Uni lecturers. I think this theory needs to be given all due consideration by the scientific community. The EM fields ought to be faint echoes of the states of the neurons in the local area, sort of an average of the voltage of all the cells nearby.