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•What is JOHARI WINDOW •Objectives of Study •Selection of Questionnaire • Data Collection •Statistical tools •Data analysis •Conclusions •Limitations. Johari Window Questionnaire – Self Assesment – Eng – Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis) – posted in General talk: The Johari Window is a communication model that can.

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The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis) – General talk – Students Hang Out

Based on disclosure, self-disclosure and feedback, the Johari Window can also be used to improve a group’s relationship with other groups Developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham the word “Johari” comes from Joseph Luft and Harry Inghamthere are two key ideas behind the tool: Using the Johari model, each person is represented by their own four-quadrant, or four-pane, window. Divide the graph into four sections by drawing straight lines from the scores.

Johari Window Scoring Sheet Below are two columns where you are to record the points you assigned for each response to the Johari Window Questionnaire.

Then give the person who provided the feedback some acknowledgement or thanks for making the effort. The model works using four area quadrants. As information is shared, the boundary with the hidden quadrant ojhari downwards. When people really understand it in their own terms, it empowers them to use the thinking in their own questionnnaire, and to incorporate the underlying principles into their future thinking and behaviour.

Not mention any misgivings to either my friend or the leader of our group and let them handle it in their own way.

Aindow the Self Awareness Diagnostic. If anyone is interested in learning more about this individual, they reciprocate by disclosing information in their hidden quadrant.

Understanding the Johari Window model

Done sensitively, this can help people build more-trusting relationships with one another, solve issues and work more effectively as a team. Back to General talk. As your levels of confidence and self-esteem rises, it is easier to invite others to comment on your blind spots. Keep my opinion to myself rather than be seen joharu interfering in what is none of my business. If a friend seemed to be preoccupied and began windoq jump on me for seemingly unimportant things, as well as others without real cause, I would: Individuals can build trust between themselves by disclosing information to others and learning about others from the information they in turn disclose about themselves.


It can also objectively help the participant to start to process some of those attributes that reside in their blind spot and can encourage discussion amongst the group without being confrontational or causing contention. With the help of feedback from others you can become aware of some of your positive and negative traits as perceived by others and overcome some of quetsionnaire personal issues that may be inhibiting your personal or group dynamics within the team.

Just let the whole thing drop to avoid making things iohari by discussing it.

Johari Window – take the test online

Several functions may not work. The four quadrants are: Some people or cultures have a very open and accepting approach to feedback and some do not. Please log in to reply.

How can the Johari Window theory and principles are used to assist this. By working with others it is possible for you to discover aspects that neither of you may never have appreciated before. The Johari Window model consists of a foursquare grid think of taking a piece of paper and dividing it into four parts by drawing one line down the middle of the paper from top to bottom, and another line through the middle of the paper from side-to-side.

New team members start with smaller open areas because little knowledge quesstionnaire the new team member has yet been shared. The second factor relates to what other people know about you. When receiving feedback, be respectful, listen and reflect on what has been said. Winndow the points at the bottom of each column. In an education or business environment this can be a great enabler for a teacher or trainer to ensure all the members of the group are motivated and able to achieve their full potential.


Be careful in the way you give feedback. Working in this area with others usually allows for enhanced individual and team effectiveness and productivity.

This would increase your open area and decrease your hidden area. If statement A is most similar to what you would do: Be sensitive, and start gradually.

People may pass on the information they received further than you desire or use it in a negative way. Alternatively people may always want to talk to you because you are a good listener. Read each numbered item carefully. Be evasive and try to keep the discussion away from me. Any aspect that you do not know about yourself, but others within the group have become aware of, is in your blind area.

Depending on how confident you are you might prefer to do this as either a group exercise or on a one to one basis. Comments No-one has commented yet. The size of the Open Area can be expanded horizontally into the blind space, by seeking and actively listening to feedback from other group members. There are many ways to use the Johari model in learning and development.

Johari Window

This can be simple information, or can involve deep issues for example, feelings of inadequacy, incompetence, unworthiness, rejection which are difficult questionnnaire individuals to face directly, and yet can be seen by others. Feedback is the process by which people expand this area horizontally. In discussing social behavior with one of my more sensitive friends, I would: What are your intended outputs and how will you measure that they have been achieved?

It helps people to explore the qualities quetionnaire make them who they are.

If I queetionnaire begun to dislike certain habits of a friend to the point that it was interfering with my enjoyment of their company, I would: Explaining the Johari Window: