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Michael Baigent is the author of From the Omens of Babylon, Ancient Traces, and the New York Times bestseller The Jesus Papers. He is also the coauthor of. The Jesus Papers has ratings and reviews. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and his co-authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh stunned. Hershel Shanks reviews “The Jesus Papers” by Michael Baigent.

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Still, I would recommend this book to others, particularly true believers. The placement of Jesus between the two men indicates that Jesus was also considered a Jewish zealot. If these letters are real, Baigent contends it would mean Jesus was saying he was an ordinary man and not divine.

Then there are the church decisions as to which books would actually be included in the New Testament, excluding the Gnostic texts which is critical mlchael you consider the authors asserts that Jesus was trained by Gnostics. No trivia or quizzes yet. Or to hide those other alleged documents claiming Jesus was alive baugent 45 AD? Was not too impressed by the underlying undertones of catholic conspiracy theory, which although more than just plausible is far overdone naigent.

Another amazing book of the truths of history. Baigent referred to Jesus the mystical man rather than to Jesus the mythical messiah, and to books containing teachings attributed to Jesus that were voted out of the Christian Bible centuries ago. He did however, explored the idea of Jesus being ‘whisked’ away from the tomb, alive.

May 16, Jazzysmum rated it liked it. My unforgettable fire It was quite a few years ago now but I’ll never forget it. This was a fun book to read although I felt the author was a little scattered and tended to go off topic.

The Jesus Papers – Wikipedia

Baigent claimed these documents dated to AD 45 and were letters to the Sanhedrin from bani meshiha “the Messiah of the Children of Israel”defending himself against the allegation that he claimed to be the Son of God. I enjoyed the information about the Gnostics, the Inquisition, and the Dead Sea Scrolls but found the chapter on Egypt uninteresting.


Ratings and Reviews 0 4 star ratings 0 reviews. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and his co-authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh stunned the world with a controversial theory What if everything we have been told about the origins of Christianity is a lie? The vinegar-soaked sponge He says where the Gospels relate how a thirsty Jesus called out for something to drink. Elaine Pagels, religious scholar, Princeton University: That’s the feeling I got while wading through the menagerie.

Much of that slightly breathless style might be attributed to New Zealand-born Baigent whose The Jesus Papers trawls similar backroads of history in a equally breathless style. March 17, Imprint: I don’t think Baigent pulls all his rambling conjecture together into a tight conclusion, but the whole thing is interesting and engaging.

Station 14 traditionally is them carrying Jesus into the tomb having died on the cross. The Vatican is an easy target. Jun 12, Andrew rated it it was amazing. Sara James, Dateline correspondent: I do think he’s on to something with a lot of what he says, but despite his chest thumping confident tones I’m not quite ready to dismiss other ideas and jump on his Jesus Paper Bandwagons. And he has an amazing collection of antiquities.

He says information about a mysterious document arrived in a letter he got his hands on 20 years ago. The End of the Silence. What do you think happened to the document, the one that said that Jesus was alive in 45 A.

The Jesus Papers

What a long strange trip it’s being For a band made up just two guys, the Black Keys can be awfully hard to keep up with. This book helps one understand why so much effort has been put into destroying and secreting alleged heretical pqpers.

It was renamed the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, and the present Pope was the leader of that office for a while. There are criticisms that the release of the book was timed with the release of The Da Vinci Code film version in an attempt to cash in on the marketing hype. Papres the time involved in jesjs from Golgotha to Pilate’s palace in Jerusulem, waiting for an audience, obtaining permission and then travelling back to Gethsemene would be too long for an unconscious person to survive on the cross.


As you can see from the listing, the idea of Jesus not dying on the cross is not something discussed until well into the book. Baigent says that detail suggests how the.

The mystery of ‘The Jesus Papers’

And if we assume fact B caused fact A, and then we ass Okay, here’s the thing. Two chapters devoted to Egpyt, and none really explained the real relationship or significance of this matter – to Baigfnt Christ. I respect his desire for privacy. You believe this is a place where clues have been found? I see it as a sensationalist and uncontrolled pseudo-scholarship. Indeed, somebody could die after a matter of hours instead of several days? Would you like us to take another look at this review?

It is a tall order and I wish I could make it more solid. Where The Holy Blood contained new concepts haigent stunning revelations or at the very least, felt like it didThe Jesus Papers feels like a rehashing of familiar concepts, with very little additional information tacked on.

Just for once, you can and should judge a book by its cover. Dec 13, Thomas added it Shelves: Imchael shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

Augustine makes it clear in his creed of the Evangel, Believe in order that you may understand. So there are letters documenting that Jesus may have been alive in 42 AD I have also read the Bible, and the errors and contradictions are so obvious, and even baiegnt authors of the Bible took from the Torah popularly known as fables ppers fiction to Jews, the Bible claims as fact.

Although he does mention some, I do understand he w Where to begin with this book?