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JBL 2461 PDF

I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for. JBL +. JBL , Tweeter/ Compression Driver from JBL. Write a user review ยท Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Any opinion welcome.

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By this time most have had the original diaphragm replaced with a titanium type. Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Now I’m half tempted to rebuild these components into modern, side-firing towers for my brother. The cabs themselves are knockoffs and made of particle board, covered with formica with a glass top.

I’ll look into listing the whole package on eBay after I get a sense of what my shipping expense might be. I just pulled these out of a pair of HOME stereo speakers my brother has carted around for years. Would there be an HF advantage to swapping the to a horn? They are HUGE for home stereo, and would be nearly impossible to ship intact.

I spent some time tweaking it when I front loaded my bass cabs 20 years ago – although at the time, my main priority was SPL.

According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for vocal reproduction. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. All times are GMT You might want to look at what JBL have been doing lately with pro boxes. As far as your HF driver is concernedsince you have installed a dia in there you effectively have a and it should play cleanly as high as you will need to go. I’ve got two pairs of EVMB’s in ported front loaded cabinets on the bottom, crossed at hz, so I dont really need the low frequency response of a driver like the Join the HC Newsletter.


JBL D16R Diaphragm , – Speaker Exchange

Years since I had my mitts on any mind you. Around 4 or 5 years ago, the club went through an extensive renovation and the JBL cabs were decommissioned, replaced with a pair of SRX cabs over 6x Martin low frequency bins. I searched through all the comments I could find on this site about the and it seems like the majority of folks think the was a bit of a dog, although there are some nice wood horns that have copied the shape.

If not you will need to think around that issue as these CD horns need a rising respose from the amp to play a flat response to the room.

Hi Hey there Kevin and welcome to the LH forum. Register 22461 new account. If I come up with anything notable, I’ll report back.

I tried that once, and only once They have been in service as the high frequency drivers crossed at 2. The weak link in the system sound fidelity has always been my mid packs – horn loaded PAS 10’s – which are good for filling up a big room, but sound kinda honky up close – so I’m getting jb to build some new mid-high cabinets with two front loaded 10’s on each side.


It’s a 1″ exit, 1. There are stepped diffusers over the horn. Hope this helps you.

JBL D16R2470 Diaphragm 2461, 2470

There is a ton of info in the forum jvl on jb web about this driver. Thats why the low-mid is set a little high. They seem to be in tretty good shape and I think I will give them a try. I’f I’m by myself or just a few friends over, ambient room noise is much less, volume is down and having the drivers front loaded should sound a lot better now off to play with my crossover Just need a slot above 10K to fill in the top.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Bet you a mic cable on that. IIRC, the spec sheet 22461 the back page has the frequency plot for the mounted with the Presumably, JBL wouldnt have replaced the with the unless there was a clear sonic advantage to doing so, but maybe the s were just cheaper and easier to cast.