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His analysis of Greek art led Hambidge to the “re-discovery” of Dynamic Symmetry, the law of natural design based upon the symmetry of growth in man and. THE ELEMENTS OF DYNAMIC SYMMETRY BY JAY HAMBIDGE DOVER a monthly maga- zine which Mr. Hambidge published while he was in Europe. He found his answer in dynamic symmetry, one of the most provocative and stimulating theories in art history. Hambidge’s study of Greek art convinced him that.

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Static rectangles have their side ratios expressed in integers while dynamic ones – in irrational numbers. It is found in Greek design used both ways. This is the complement of a shape.

The area CD is 1. Complete the rectangle by draw- ing the lines BF, FE. Sgmmetry to Read Currently Reading Read.

It is not so well known, however, that if the selected color is debased with light or dark, the comple- ment must also be debased in reverse order.

References to this book New product development George Gruenwald Snippet view – The book has fallen naturally into two parts: In short, the curve may be reduced from a curve to a rectangular hqmbidge, and, as in the curve, the converging right angles wrap themselves to infinity around the pole. My library Help Advanced Book Search. It will be noticed that a root-five rectangle may be considered as composed of a square plus two whirling square rectangles, or as a Fig.


Little seems to be known of his birth, life and death, but one thing is certain, that he taught, and founded a school of mathe- matics at Alexandria, which was at the time becoming a centre, not only of commerce, but of learning and research. This property of the curve is: In the case under consideration, Fig. It is dyanmic analysis that the great value of simple arithmetic is proven — without its assistance the task of unraveling a design plan would be practically impossible.


Static symmetry, as used by the Copts, Byzantines, Saracens, Ma- homedans and the Gothic and Renaissance designers, was based upon the pattern properties of the regular two-dimensional figures such as the square and the equilateral triangle. We now see that the area of the root-five shape may be considered as 1.

Jay Hambidge

When we find that the identical symmetry theme disclosed by the Tenea statue symmegry used by Greeks to a limited extent, less than five per cent throughout the classical period, we conclude that this represents the work of a small number of de- signers who, apparently, did not know the dynamic scheme.

Four multiplied by eight equals thirty-two; so does two multiplied by sixteen. Dover republication of the third edition. Thus, the series of rectangles is formed with the ratio of sides expressing the series. Convinced dynamid design was not purely instinctive, Jay Hambidge — spent much of his life searching for the technical bases of design. In Fig, 2d the diagonal of the root-three rectangle is used as the base of a rectangle with sides of the lengths i and V4- This is called a root-four rectangle.

A simple method for constructing all the root rectangles is shown in Fig. It is necessary to specify this idea.

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If the line CH of Fig. Interesting, from a standpoint of fractels in nature. Modular irrational and integral-valued scales are to be in some ways linked to the hyperbolic coordinates axes Fig.

David Diosdado rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Incommensurable lines are such as have no common measure, the di- agonal and side of a square are incommensurable, being to each other as root 2 to 1, and consequently whatever number of parts the side of the square may be divided into, the hypotenuse will not be made up of any exact number of parts. HF is composed of the two whirKng square areas 01 and OF. Here are specific data for several initial points: Continued subdivision of a root-two rectangle into similar figures with a ratio of three.


By the same process the line AG is made equal to AF or the square root of four. So also do the areas AE and GI. It is well known, for example, that any shape drawn within the area of a rectangle whose diagonal is common to the diagonal of the containing area is a similar shape to the whole.

Definitions Book VII. This, however, is not more reliable than other Vitruvian statements.

Jay Hambidge – Wikipedia

EF is a dynamic rectangle similar to the area CG, Any dynamic subdivision of a dynamic rectangle is like a seed endowed with the eternal principle of growth.

The constructions for the definition of similar figures, of course, apply to any rectangle. In the latter the objective is unknown and the finding of a solution to a puzzle or the picking up of a cold trail are matters which may tax ingenuity to its utmost.

V is any rectangle and AB is a diagonal. The research of phyllotaxis was in the centre of attention of many mathematicians and biologists.

We may obtain this result in another way. Shellie rated it really liked dynamicc Feb 20, This ratio or its corresponding area may be subdivided in many ways. That’s how it goes. Determining coordinates of the arbitrary point in the system of movable coordinates X’oy’.

Polykleitos Canon Vitruvius De architectura.