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Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by Jaswant Singh, a former Finance Minister of India and an External Affairs Minister, on Pakistan’s. Rishika said: Jinnah has forever been painted as the villain of India’s partition One may agree to Jaswant Singh’s opinions in the book or not but indeed it is an . Excerpts from Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh, the veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader whose views on the.

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Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition.

Media Review Network ยป Book Review: Jinnah India- Partition Independence by Jaswant Singh

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. His mistrust of the Congress, and the consolidation of Muslim support also leads Jinnah to become more inflexible and demanding in the later years late s and s.

Singh uses a sungh style of writing, backed by well documented evidence, to lend support to his judgements.

History books usually paint one or the other as the villain, depending on whose version skngh events you are reading, but it is often not so black and white in reality. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Jan 13, Siddhant rated it liked it. Rendered into simple Urdu or Hindi it would be pure billingsgate โ€” the coarse vernacular of the fish market. To view it, click here. One thing I learned from this book is that only scholarship or detailed knowledge can never make a good book if writing style is bland.

The book attempts an objective evaluation.

Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Such is indeed the dilemma of every honest person tenaciously clinging to his ideas in the face of unrelenting opposition. The patronage of congress in demonizing individuals is not a recently acquired one but is in the roots jinnxh the congress right from its establishment. Jaswant Singh attempts to find an answer, his answer, for there can perhaps not be a definitive answer, yet the author searches. He clearly jaswwant how Jinnah moved from being a champion of Hindu-Muslim unity and nationhood to a champion of Pakistan.


But vook author has woven some very interesting facts. The thoughts are pretty streamlined but there is nothing new. Responding to Sarojini Naidu during a discourse about his feelings for the Indian Muslims he confessed, ‘I cannot say in truth that I have any feelings of paternal love for Muslims.

OPINION: Jaswant Singh`s Jinnah –

But Jaswant Singh, finally, shows there were several players more culpable – the British, the Congress Party leaders such as M. Preview โ€” Jinnah by Jaswant Singh. Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina set for landslide win as opposition demands new vote. Dec 27, Imran Aslam rated sinth really liked it. Of course when Jaswant Singh, who belonged to the BJP party an anti-Pakistan, staunch Hindu political onnwrote about Jinnah he got everyone’s intrigue.

Oct 27, Bharath rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 21, Banwari rated it really liked it. The book is however, very critical of Nehru and the Congress especially in the s and s and even afterand how it pushed Jinnah from being a votary of Hindu โ€” Muslim unity to demand a separate homeland for Muslims, and emerge as the Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan.

While doing so, the author also provides the socio-political context and the interplay of various personalities in British Ind Muhammad Ali Jinnah jaswabt strongly associated with the Partition of India and is often viewed, on the Indian subcontinent, through the binary of good and evil.


Aug 04, Sharat Bandlur rated jinjah really liked it. A brave effort from Shri Jaswant Singh. While Jinnah was a constitutionalist, bkok in being entirely legally correct in conduct, Gandhi took to non co-operation to protest unjust laws as well fight for freedom for the country. Gives details on how lopsided were discussions on even dramatic decisions like dividing country. Jul 21, Sameer rated it really liked it. Nehru strongly advocated the theory of strong centre so he particularly blaming Nehru for partition.

Jinnah’s one singular trait, his one unpardonable sin, was his stark and unvarnished candour which was little understood and boko less appreciated by others. Jinnah has forever been painted as the villain of India’s partition inthe man who stabbed the Indians in the back and walked away with a fifth of the ancient country’s landmass.

Reading this books took me down the memory lane, when I was a singu in college and had a pretty heavy subject of Pakistan Studies. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence

This is probably the most honest book covering the period of the Indian independence struggle that Sinngh have read so far. It is a sorry tale, where the actions of a few men caused such divisions and large scale displacement. Author writes about history of Muslims jaswznt India in brief and about birth and childhood of Jinnah in few pages. In the next chapter, it moves from Jinnah’s birth to his disputes in Congress and with Tilak.