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IRFA datasheet, IRFA circuit, IRFA data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Advanced Power MOSFET,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET FEATURES. Avalanche Rugged Technology Rugged Gate Oxide Technology Lower Input Capacitance Improved Gate. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IRF IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET. IRFB V N-channel B-FET / Substitute of IRF & IRFA.

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Other than that i have no info on it except that it is a 14″ svga. The symptoms are narrow picture, and shuts down soon after power-up. I notice that when the main PCB is flexed some; C14 will charge to a slightly higher voltage and occasionally cause the PWM chip to start.

Check the solder on the leads of T before trying to replace it, but if a source is needed, maybe try that part number with a Mitsubishi supplier from a Mitsubishi e. Also found R melted, reads around 5 Ohms. It is in the BLUE predriver on the video board. As most FET’s fail shorted, this usually is enough. Suspect electrolytic capacito I have this same monitor that had the same problem.

I need the value of the power switching transistor Q This Panasonic chassis has a couple of common problems. I replaced Q and Q 2sc and 2sc Magavox 20CM64 monitor, no power but there is a ticking sound from supply. Tatung c7bzr monitor with a wide screen and severely pincushioned.

Datasheet archive on 20-1-2006

If the Eeprom is good, then the next suspect is a defective microprocessor IC ; again, be sure to use the correct version. If these are all good, perhaps the HV is truly excessive.

  JBLM REG 420-30 PDF

I have yet to locate the defective part. I removed the output transistor in an attempt to test for signal on the base drive but the monitor instantly shuts down with the transistor removed. These Dayteks are known for bad solder on the board.

IRFA Datasheet – Power MOSFET, V, A, Rds(on)= Ohm from Fairchild Semiconductor

However all the SMPS voltages and the voltage at FB output transistor collector plus the control grid voltage of volts remain stable. Try checking for any cracked connections around the flyback on the G board.

The jumping horizontally on the gateway ni turned out to be an intermittant front panel control. Flyback transistor, q is ok.

What is the full marking or what equivelent can be used? R is ohms. I tested all secondary diodes the HOT, pre driver, all caps and diodes in the powers supply primary, in fact everything in the primary even the main power transformer.

All other aspects, ie focus, work with no problems. I magnified, poked, bent, just about everything and I cannot find it. Number on the transformer dqtasheet FM I’ve pulled the horz transistor, it checks OK and does not solve the problem.

IBM monitor has raster but no video. I know that one of the diodes is a 1N but the other one disappeared. The wire has a grey shielded wire green, green grounda red red, red grounda irf634aa blue, blue groundall those wire are shielded ground.


Pull out main board and disassemble main board from all the metal frames. The display is out of focus when turned on. I need a replacement part number for M3 a driver transformer in the deflection.

IRF634A Datasheet PDF

If you do not have a esr cap meter jump a good one across it. When those three V caps go, you should also test the megohm resistors paralleled with them as well.

Irf634 solder this shield to a ground point or pin 19 of the ic. Mitsubishi monitor model CAGK the monitor works fine while in windows 95 X but if I shell out to DOS the monitor scrolls vertically as if the sync is missing. Two distinct problems come to mind.

IRFA_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

The brightness was too high with retrace lines visible. The location is R In that case, replace the capacitor and also the above QL23 abd RL Then, put a white image on monitor screen i. It sounds crazy but it worked for us! IBM – monitor Diag – dead, fuse is okay. Remove urf634a board and check all over for bad solder. Sony GDME21 monitor has flyback lines on screen. Maybe T was shorted. Several times I have tried to irf6334a monitors which would change display sizecontinously increasing and decreasing size in all directions at about 2mm.