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Iosif Trifa (3 March – 16 February ) was a Romanian Orthodox priest and founded Oastea Domnului (Lord’s Army).He was also the. Iosif Wikipedia. Date of birth, 3 March Date of death, 12 February Country of citizenship. Romania. Unul din cei chemati la aceasta lupta era si, parintele Iosif Trifa, cunoscut bine de înaltul ierarh înca din timpul de pe când îi era student la Sibiu. Astfel, în august.

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World War I ends, but the Spanish flu endemic kills both his wife Iuliana, and his daughter Augustina.

The Army of the Lord Romanian: Academics Aaron Aaronsohn, botanist J. Contents Cartea corabia lui noe Memorialul durerii iosif trifa neclintit n credin Life References Memorialul durerii iosif trifa neclintit n credin. He was also the uncle of Valerian Trifa.

Mormantul Parintelui Iosif Trifa – Comemorare | comorinemuritoare | Flickr

The son of a priest, he graduated from Czernowitz University and taught theology at Sibiu from to Member feedback about Valerian Oosif Notable people with the surname include: Member feedback about Iron Guard: He claimed he was not ashamed of his past, as he had no alternatives and he did what he thought was best for the Romanian people, and attributed authorship of his inflammatory speeches to other persons.

Member feedback about Felix Aderca: Kremer, dentist and war-crimes investigation activist[3] Liviu Librescu, physicist[4] Mario Livio, astrophysicist Edward Luttwak, economist and historian Norman Manea, writer and coll It concluded with a debate.


He was baptised on 6 March In he is trira a confessional teacher in the town of Vidra de Sus. At the time, Trifa’s early convictions caused another scandal. This year also coincides with the start of the first World War I, and Ardealul passes under Austro-Hungarian occupation.

Iosif Trifa – Wikipedia

Following Antonescu’s repression of the rebels, Viorel Trifa fled to the Reich, where he was interned in the camps of SachsenhausenBuchenwald and Dachau. Later on, he studies theology in Sibiu. In his second child, a boy this time – Titus Gheorghe, is born, but he also dies in the following year.

Juran, industrial engineer Ernest Klein, linguist Charles H. Losif was baptised on 6 March In his second child, a boy this time – Titus Gheorghe, is born, but he also dies in the following year.

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Trifa topic Trifa is a Romanian surname. Inhis third child is born: In he marries Iuliana Iancu, niece to the hero Avram Iancu. The earliest Romanian translations of religious texts appeared in the 15th century, and the first complete translation of the Bible was published in In his second child, a boy this time – Titus Gheorghe, is born, but he As Wesley’s preaching and ministry drew crowds from the working classes, so Trifa’s as well was a ministry that grew among the villagers and workers of the fields.


Although hostile to the Guard’s new leader, Horia Sima[3] [4] he became involved in the January confrontation between Sima’s Legionnaires and Ion Antonescu. The oldest proof that an Orthodox church For part of his life, he was a naturalized citizen of the United States. Trifa subsequently made his way into the United States, where he came to lead the Romanian-American Orthodox commu That year, he became Metropolis of Transylvania, an office he would hold for the rest of his life.

While in power, Vaida had an ambiguous approach to the Iron Guard, and constructed his own radical ideology; the FR had a generally xenophobic program of positive discrimination, being implicitly and eventually explicitly antisemitic. A prominent affiliate of the Iron Guarda Romanian fascist organization also known as the Legionnaire MovementTrifa played a part in provoking the Legionnaires’ Rebellion of The Israeli prosecutor Gideon Hausner pressured for the extradition of Valerian Trifa so that Israel could try Trifa for crimes against humanityand famed Nazi hunter Zev Golan was instrumental in coordinating between the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Israeli Police in seeking a trial, but the Israeli government iosit made any official extradition claim, nor issued any warrants.