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Buy Introductory Nuclear Physics on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. PHYSICS TEXTBOOK Samuel S.M. Wong C&WILEY-VCH Introductory Nuclear Physics Second Edition Introductory Nuclear Physics SECOND EDITION. Introductory Nuclear Physics 2nd Edition by Samuel S. M. Wong from Flipkart. com. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.

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What sets Introductory Nuclear Physics apart from other books on inteoductory subject is its presentation of nuclear physics as an integral part of modern physics.


Placing the discipline within a broad historical and scientific context, it makes important connections to other fields such as elementary particle physics and astrophysics.

Now fully revised and updated, this Second Edition explores the changing directions in nuclear physics, emphasizing new developments and current research-from superdeformation to quark-gluon plasma. Wong preserves those areas that njclear the First Edition as a standard text in university physics departments, focusing on what is exciting about the discipline and providing a concise, thorough, and accessible treatment of the fundamental aspects of nuclear properties.

Introductory Nuclear Physics, by S.M. Wong – PDF Drive

In this new edition, Professor Wong: Introductory Nuclear Physics, Second Edition is an ideal text for courses in nuclear physics at the senior undergraduate or first-year graduate level.

It is also an important resource for scientists and engineers working with nuclei, for astrophysicists and particle physicists, and for anyone wishing to learn more about trends in the field. His work spans three decades, with research interests ranging from nuclear structure to nuclear reactions involving intermediate-energy nucleons and relativistic heavy ions. Physjcs Wong has published numerous papers and is the author of Computational Methods in Physics and Engineering now in its second edition and Nuclear Statistical Spectroscopy.


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Introductory Nuclear Physics, 2nd Edition

Table of contents Nucleon Structure. Nuclear Force and Two-Nucleon Systems. Bulk Properties introxuctory Nuclei. Electromagnetic and Weak Interaction. Microscopic Models of Nuclear Structure. Nuclei Under Extreme Conditions.