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InteriCAD T5 – 2D Design – Inserting Furniture Models Architectural Visualization Tutorial – Inserting Trees – Post Production. Thank you for using InteriCAD Lite! InteriCAD Lite is a real 3D design software for professionals involved in interior design field. From a quick floor plan to real. TIPS & TUTORIALS InteriCAD Lite How to draw an arc wall in InteriCAD Lite? First, draw the room shape by “Polyline” from “Draw” menu. Second.

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I know its abit out dated but my boss not believing in upgrading the version but interested to intoduce new sofeware I have tutorizl working very efficiently with the software.

For professional users with more requirements on design, there is the upgrade path to the even more advanced software InteriCAD T6. Oh ya, i’m in a sort of interior design related company This is especially useful when I meet my client for the first time, as I can show my proposal quickly and vividly in a more attractive way.

Click here to view all the features Functions: I think everyone who has chosen InteriCAD is a winner, you win your customers with your design in the shortest period of time,”. Shame you could have downloaded nanoCAD www. In fact now with the new version 4. I can say turorial InteriCAD is my partner to my success, so make it yours too.


Better configuration for Photon Map e.

InteriCAD T5 – 2D Design – Inserting Furniture Models

Such files can be used as a base for design of structures or as a source tugorial 3D models. Radiosity and raytrace are the core technology of our system, which produce very high quality of 3D render in very short time, e.

Simply key in the watt or lux and select the light colour or K valuethe system will show you the result of incandescence, spot light, sunlight, etc. With the minimum of time, you can produce quality work that satisfies and meets your customers’ needs.

All other trade marks are owned by their respective Owners. Develop your design with imagination, you can create various types of 3D objects. Did you visit the website for the program and read up on the features it offers? Sign in Already have an account?

Posted March 25, Another added function is 3D modeling for any irregular shape of decoration in this module. Additional purchase of VR function allows you viewing panorama on mobile devices even more realistic if viewing through VR glasses. InteriCAD is a professional business solution for interior architecture and furnishing industries.

There are lots of tile design templates for direct use, or you may create any tile pattern as a showcase for your unique design sense. Posted March 25, edited. A lifetime investment I will not regret!

VR view on mobile device with Gyro. By designdrives, March 25, in Design Software.

It has benefited me a lot in terms of production, time consumption, and good design presentation. The texture system helps you define texture of models, creating more high quality of render. Performance will depend on the complexity of file. Personally I love the incredible rendering speed!


More importantly, color floor plan, 3D render, hand-sketch, line drawing dxf formatdegree panorama, and animation can be exported ttuorial more vivid presentation when you finish the design. You must have missed the link I provided in post 2.

InteriCAD T5- Modeling Design and Viewport Navigation

With variety choices of standard kitchen cabinets, you can freely resize any cabinets to build your own kitchen in various shapes of wall in very short time. This version is made on the modular basis, which means users can select additional functional modules to fulfil their design needs, i. No matter you’re a professional interior designer or an amateur designer, you’ll find InteriCAD Lite fast and easy-to-operate for high quality results.

Assign the light source in accordance with the real-life lighting plan. It is also flexible to change any cabinet structures, door and drawers styles, handles, sinks and worktop, etc. View the design at any perspective in 3D and freely walk into the virtual space for more easy and direct editing.

Presentation on iScan Solution.