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IMM 5551 PDF

Should I use the guidance of IMM E OR THE E? Which one is applicaple to me? 2. Should I pay the fees of $75 or $? 3. Should I. the guide Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Visitor (IMM ). The guide may be obtained by visiting our Web site or you can. Instruction Guide (IMM ). This application is for temporary residents who are already in Canada as visitors and wish to: Extend their stay;; Change the.

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May I leave, then re-enter Canada? Enter the dates year and month you have been working at your occupation, The activity or occupation or a brief description of your position. It has a spelling mistake. From the list, select the language English or French in which you would like to receive your service. Training in a profession that requires formal education but not at the university level for example, dental technician or engineering technician. The validity of your temporary resident status cannot exceed im validity of your passport.

It is your responsibility to ensure your eTA remains valid if you wish to re-enter Canada.

Visitor: Application To Change Conditions or Extend Stay –

Employment Work or Occupation. Their address in Canada street number, street 55511, city or town and postal code. Examples include a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Education.

While residing in Canada and holding 5551 valid study or work permit, you may apply online for an eTA. All persons authorized to enter Canada who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are authorized to enter as temporary residents as a visitor, student or worker. They are restricted in length of stay and are subject to various other conditions.

Make sure that you are eligible before you pay your fees and that you provide all the information requested before you submit the application.


You must answer all the questions on this application form immm indicated otherwise. For example, if your temporary resident status has expired and you incorrectly apply for an extension of temporary resident status, no refund for the extension will be provided and you will be asked to provide a second fee for the restoration. Filling out the form on a computer is easier than filling it out by hand. If you need more space, print out an additional page of the form, complete this section and submit it with your application.

On your application forms, identify the sex you would like displayed M or F until the X can be issued. Please select all that apply: We treat everyone equally, whether they use the service of a representative or not. Travel visa requirements Visitors must satisfy an immigration officer that they are real visitors who intend to leave Imm at the end of their visit. Send a Complete Application. Question 2 Previous Activity or Occupation Provide details of your previous Activity or Occupation for the past 10 years.

Guide 5551 – Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada

This is the language that you learned at home during your childhood and which you still understand. If you or your family members are applying for other services, you can pay the fees all together.

Question 3 Indicate the amount of funds money that you have available for your stay. Use of a Representative. If jmm want to stay longer, 5515 must apply to extend their temporary resident status before their status expires.

A foreign national whose visitor permit in Canada is about to expire must apply for extension 30 days prior to the expiry date of his visa. For information including eligibility, fees and required documents for working or studying in Canada, refer 5515 the guides: This barcode page will not appear if you fill out your application by hand.


If you apply for more than one service on a single application, you must add up the fees for each service and submit the total of the fees with your application. You only need to give your biometrics once every 10 years. Payment issue — Overpayment. Calculate and pay the fees. Question 3 Check the appropriate box or boxes to indicate if you are applying for: Who receives temporary resident status?

Also, visitors will need to apply for a visa to travel to Canada, unless they are from a visa exempt country. The following table provides examples of post secondary education: If your passport or travel document has a sex other than male M or female F: Business Tourism Study Work Other medical visit, transit, etc. Processing will stop immediately if you give false or misleading information. Visitors must be able to show that they can and will support themselves and their accompanying family members without working while in Canada.

If you all apply at the same time for an extension, each person has to submit a separate application form. At the endclick on the button to print the IRCC official receipt with barcode. Check the appropriate box to indicate if the telephone number is from Canada, the United States US or Other any other country.

Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada as a Visitor –

If visitors want to stay longer, they must apply to extend their temporary resident status before their status expires. Question 2 Enter your national identity document number exactly as shown on the document.

From the list, select the name of the country or territory that issued your passport or travel document.