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Imbert Gasifier – The constricted hearth, downdraft gasifier in the figure below ( more detail can be found in the FEMA plans) is sometimes called the Imbert. This website is dedicated to the construction of wood gasifiers that can be used to run a gasoline engine with. Woodgas has been around for a long time and it. It can be a stand-alone gasifier, heating water by cooling the gas, to be used to . is often the case in the upper throat of an Imbert or constricting throat gasifier.

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Some will be burned in the oxidation zone, and the rest will break down to even smaller molecules of hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, ethane, ethylene, etc. Table shows successful nozzle sizes for wood-fueled Imbert gas producers and the wider variation for nozzles used in successful Imbert and SGB gasifiers. In summary, the World War II Imbert gasifier design has stood the test of time and has successfully been mass produced.

Heat losses tend iimbert be independent of throughput and at low loads become disproportionately high. The steam can mostly condense on grains of fly-ash and the cleansing rain will scrub the gas clean in a properly designed HX.

The vehicle units during World War II had ample vibration to jar the carefully sized wood blocks through the gasifier. This furnace will weigh around lb, with lb of that being refractory ceramic.

Testing of this prototype will imbedt whether a lighter, thinner stainless steel hopper will withstand the internal temperatures. The reduction in area at the hearth and the protruding nozzles present hazards at which the passage of fuel can be restricted, thus causing bridging and channeling followed by high tar output, as unpyrolyzed biomass falls into the reaction zone. It can be built with a minimum of tools. I bet it gets hot!

Description of the down-draught gasifiers

The outer shell of the combustor is insulated from the heat exchanger HX to facilitate optimum combustion and maximum HX efficiency. Heat conservation is aided by insulation of the outer jacket. This leads to a imhert pressure drop for larger hearths, placing an upper size limit on nozzle-fed downdraft gasifiers when gas flow is provided by engine vacuum.


The highest temperatures are reached in this area.

This puts the hearth load for the Imbert type gasifier on a comparable basis to the stratified downdraft gasifier. The tars must be disposed of and they emit foul odors. Clean, Efficient Waste-to-Energy System. If too much char forms during high-load conditions, then the char level rises above the nozzles so that incoming air burns the char to reduce the char level.

This principle is extremely important for efficiency, quality of gas, cleanliness of burn and greatly extended turn-down ratio. When I stand the the reduction cone the large side up I can easily see the shrinking char following it down in with no gas escaping.

Billets that were gasifieg cm in diameter and 15 cm long have operated well in large Imbert-style gasifiers used for heating applications Makray So the restriction is not to be blamed!

If the tars get on your hands or your clothes or tools you cannot use soap and water to wash it off. A large number of descriptive articles on gasifiers appeared during World War II, but no detailed drawings have been located from that period. During tasifier operation, the incoming air burns and pyrolyzes some imbertt the wood, most of the tars and oils, gasivier some of the charcoal that fills the constricted area below the nozzles.

The maximum specific hearth loads for a number of gasifiers are shown in Table It will be interesting to see if this shape is better able to handle the fines in raw unscreened machine processed woody material with it’s resultant fine char.

Biologically-activated biochar is a major discovery in soil fertility, which can make the family farm more productive, just from the waste biomass accumulated around the farm. If operation of the gasifiers is interrupted or terminated, the engines have to be turned off.

The Imbert gasifier requires a low-moisture and uniformly blocky fuel in order to allow easy gravity feeding through the constricted hearth. The cooling system will need to be either larger or a well thought out smart design to reduce heat on the fuel line output before it feeds the engine. The stratified-bed gasifiers currently under development at SERI and other facilities and discussed in Section 5. Yes, the top half of an Inbert.


The combustion zone is maintained very close ijbert the nozzles. Although I’m still new to working with gasifiers I do have a few feathers under my hat that gave me some basic but solid knowledge on this topic since I’ve acquired some real world “hands on” experience with the construction and the operation of both the Imbert and the FEMA gasifiers plus I’ve read as much as I could on the topic even if some of the technical language was a bit fuzzy to me including watching every video out there I could find.

The fine char-ash dust can eventually clog the charcoal bed and will reduce the gas flow unless the dust is removed. One of the most simple gasifier designs out there. We have now fabbed the seeming most desireable option, which is pictured and CADed below. This gasification method is called “producer gas generation,” because no storage system is used; only that amount of gas demanded by the engine is produced.

Imbert hourglass hearth variations

If the bridge burns through, the gas is greatly diluted and cooled by excess air, which can totally rob the fuel gas of energy. Much lower tar emissions due to it’s design. We willl need to use appropriate stainless alloys for them, as there will be combustion immediately against the surfaces.

The water vapour will flow downwards and add to the water vapour formed in the oxidation zone. From this gas amount as well as from the B maximum value 0.

This design with all the interrelated heat-feedback features is where I imbbert to begin testing, but many design variations, degree of refinement, much larger and smaller units, vehicle gasifiers, etc. Groeneveld 17 takes the time necessary for complete devolatilization to be equal to or larger than the Fourier time for heating up.

It has been commercially manufactured under various names. The ash content of the wood is approximately one per cent by weight. Ideally, anything that will burn can be vaporized or gasified and turned into a fuel.