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DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure parts listing DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure parts. product models DS and DS Components In the IBM DS family, you can add a mix of EXP or EXP expansion units to attain a maximum capacity of TB per subsystem. New drive.

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Large drive for a low price Large drive for a low price by Dong Ngo. This model is configured with two environmental services modules ESM.

IBM DS3512

There are also two models of drive expansion chassis, a 12 LFF and a 24 SFF drive version, that can be attached to either of the storage subsystems. The DS carries on the tradition of DS series data protection features with support for multiple RAID levels 0 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10storage partitions to manage volume-to-host access, and FlashCopy and Volume Copy to create logical or physical copies of your data. A “configured” Model C2A order must include either feature or Use Feature pn 00W when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7.

Customer replacement parts None. When installed on a DS dual controller system, both cards must be configured to run at the same link speed.


DS and EXP 12x 3. Feature or PN 49Y or 49Y are corequisites. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Total quantity of 52xx features cannot exceed It provides a complete physical view of your DS, but with expertise built into the interface and automated ds5312 decisions, you no longer ivm to contend with low-level activities.

Large, affordable and versatile Large, affordable and versatile by Dong Ngo. The following fiber optic cables can be ordered with the DS The disk drives are installed at the front, as shown in the below figures.

Up to volumes per storage partition. Act like your business depends on them by David Gewirtz.

System Storage DS * 1GB cache, sngl ctrller, 2x6G SAS ports

The models for the storage servers are DS and DS Disk drives of the same form factor can be intermixed im the appropriate DS or EXP enclosure. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, With these encryption services, FDE key management is transparent to day-to-day storage administration, making SED drives as easy to manage as traditional drives.

The following cable types and cable lengths are supported: Up to drives per system: Da3512 cables must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.


Controller firmware level SAS host interface ports are standard on all DS models.

Family +01 IBM System Storage DS Storage Systems and EXP

The DS locally manages and protects the self-encrypting drives SED by utilizing a single authorization scheme or lock key that can be set and applied to all SED drives within a DS Product life cycle dates. Mutually exclusive with feature and PN 68Y and 68Y The DS is available with single or dual ibn, with the option to further enhance the performance of your dual controller system with the Turbo Performance option.

The difference starts with the physical drive size and extends to their speeds and storage capacities. This is a nearline disk drive.

This card can be vs3512 to run at either a 1Gb or 10Gb link speed. High availability with new data protection and security options The DS carries on the DS series legacy of high system and data availability with: