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Find great deals for HID MaxiProx khz Long Range Proximity Reader AGN Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for HID PROX MaxiProx khz Long Range Reader. Shop with confidence on eBay!. HID’s Reader is ideal for installations incorporating parking control and long read range applications. The reader packages all the electronics in one.

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Maxirpox below image shows the given functions applicable to using the Boscloner to c lone and s can c ards. We provide full build instructions for both beginners and advanced users soldering g0ds. Call Send a quick message. The modified source code for the Boscloner project is available from the Boscloner source package https: We offer Audit Solutions for Fire and Safety as well as consultancy services for our clients.

HID’s MaxiProx Reader is ideal for installations incorporating parking control and long read range applications. The display will update with events that are occurring. Linear power supplies are recommended. We work closely with police forces and offer training sessions on the latest security bid on request. We are associated with some of the Worlds largest manufacturers of Security Hardware as their India partner for promotion of products.

The supplied output power cable for the Lenmar will need to be cut and connected as shown below in order to power the Maxiprox from the Lenmar power supply. CO gas detector COR. You just added a product to the cart. Created with a paper cup, wrapped with tin foil and duct tape on the outside of the cup. Get in Touch with us Indus Cartel Pvt.


This will bring up all stored ID values. Year of Establishment Hhid serial interfaces support baud rates of, and baud. There are many types of additional functionality that could potentially be added to the Boscloner shield and new pieces of functionality can be easily added using this environment and the available source code.

A pop-up will ask you if you really want to clone this ID value. The Boscloner Shield is intended to act as a gateway to the PM3 which allows for custom commands and functionality to added to the base functionality of the PM3. If you wish to purchase it yourself, this is the Maiprox module that the Boscloner v1. To remedy this, the write antenna and corresponding badge needs to be isolated from possible interference. The problem is fixed by restarting the App. Prox Card Readers in Mumbai.

Click OK on these warnings and install the Boscloner App.

View Contact Call Seller Now. The BCS can be built in two different ways to allow it to be easily assembled using off-the-shelf modules or to be professional built using standard SMT assembly processes. Information to customer Contacts About us.

Build Instructions

Our Solutions are designed as per the latest international standards to match with the highest levels of security required by our customers. The user can directly download the Boscloner APK application package from the download link https: The shield also allows for many types of additional functions to be added, some of which were used on the Boscloner Shield board.


Nature of Business Service Provider. Desired Future Features To add the ability to simply type in the ID values that the user wishes to write to a blank card, rather than relying solely on scanning new badges or using the history file.

HID Long Range Proximity Reader MaxiProx 5375

Home Access control Card readers. If you are a previous customer, I’ll send you a BLE module free of charge.

The MaxiProx reader packages all the electronics in one rugged, attractive and easy-to-install housing. Please visit the official Boscloner GitHub for the latest firmware and software updates!

HID MaxiProx 5375 125kHz Long Range Proximity Reader

Hidd also conduct awareness programmes on safety for women with various corporations. MaxiProx card reader MaxiProx Now shipping all orders!! Reverse voltage protection included. Sometimes closing the App and reopening it restores the original values, and other times, the values stored within the history file are lost entirely.

The Auto-Clone f eature can be enabled or disabled using the left push button.

Available Modules Adafruit 1. Indus Cartel Private Limited is a professional system integration and consultancy firm with over 15 years of Experience in this Industry. Connect to the board using the Boscloner App to utilize more features.

Long read range distance up to 6′ with ProxPass. The Boscloner PM3 has the features outlined in the Overview section.