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Podkayne of Mars [Robert A. Heinlein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A delight. – New York Herald Tribune A tale beloved by many fans. That represents a typical passage in Podkayne of Mars; rather than opt for a plain transmission of information, Heinlein injects life into his prose. ‘s Podkayne of Mars was, if Heinlein’s comments in Grumbles from the Grave March 10, Robert A. Heinlein to Lurton Blassingame.

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Clark’s ploy is taken from a real-life incident, related in Heinlein’s Tramp Royalein which his wife answers the same question with “heroin” substituted for the fictitious, but equally illegal, happy dust. The captors’ scheme is to use the children to blackmail the uncle into doing their bidding at the Luna conference. Furthermore, it was locked, so I moved on and found another door which seemed much more promising. Another of the things that makes this book a noticeable change from Heinlein’s earlier works is that the entire story is composed of diary entries rather than his usual prose.

Later publishers sometimes included the original, or both, endings. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Nor did I “cut my teeth” on RAH, so I’ve no sentimental associations or long-standing loyalti If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review. It is well written by an acknowledged master storyteller at the height of his career, and it is a story that young people can read and enjoy the experience.

I just looked it up on Wikipedia and the book itself started out as a serialized story. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. He spends the first half of the book on a space journey; it has very little bearing on the overall plot. Podkayne just finds her brother difficult to outwit because he’s a year-old psychopath who is willing to do crazy and possibly evil things she would never consider.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. But this gives me an opportunity to address something that, as a classic sci-fi fan, I find difficult, and that is that I think Heinlein is often deeply misunderstood by modern readers. The story ends with a hint of hope for him, as he admits his responsibility for what happened to Podkayne — that he “fubbed it, mighty dry” — then shows some human feeling by regretting his inability to cry and describes his plan to raise the fairy himself.

To view it, click here. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Honestly, this felt like the first part in a serialized story. Daughter of an advanced scientist and an eminent anthropologist from Mars, she has some pretty high ambitions herself, aiming at becoming a deep-space exploration commander, and sooner rather than later.


Sometimes you gain ground and sometimes you lose it.

The really odd thing is that when I learned that he wanted a different ending, I was puzzled and assumed that in later editions such as the one I had that they published it as he had originally written it, but not so. In Heinlein’s defense, it’s not as though he had a lot of contemporary material to study. Return to Book Page. Heinlein was a prolific writer of both short and long fiction pieces.

The cast visits several different societies and interacts with their laws and customs, always wondering and speculating rather than lecturing or insisting. And her brother doesn’t trust her because he puts too much stock in their IQ tests and, as a psychopath or rather, a child that has never been given a clear moral compass has a natural sense of his own superiority. As can be expected from Heinlein the book is very well written and it’s very hard not to get to love Paddy even if she is very naive and goody-goody.

They didn’t trust her brother either. The most recent film adaptation of Starship Troopers interpreted Heinlein’s classic critique of democracy as a pro-fascism novel.

Just about anything goes, as long as one can pay for it. The less-than-stellar reviews on goodreads do not lie. One of the good old stories from the golden age of SF.

Podkayne of Mars – Wikipedia

Reading it brings back many good memories of my reading Heinlein’s novels as a youth, and in this case I am sure that I read one of the podkanye early paperback editions of the book within just a couple of years of it’s first publication.

Podkayne is a brave, clever, and compassionate heroine poddkayne compassion is ultimately her downfall and possibly her brother’s salvation. Robert Heinlein was one of the most influential and controversial authors of his time. Podkayne of Mars holds a good deal for the libertarian to consider, and while the story is not fantastic, it is solid enough, especially when combined with that Heinlein prose and voice.

He figured out a way to let most of us, most of the time, get along well enough fo that we usually don’t kill each other.

Podkayne of Mars

It sure would be nice if the book covers reflected what Poddy actually looks like. Get to Know Us. This new version of the book is a bit special – when Heinlein wrote the story in the early sixties his editor found the ending to hard and he Heinlein was forced to rewrite it.


That, ina male SF writer would bring up these particular questions in this pdkayne original way, for him, is striking in itself. Much of the description of the voyage is based on Heinlein’s own experiences as a naval mads and world traveler. This is the same, but reversed. Once aboard, they are befriended by “Girdie”, an attractive, capable, experienced woman left impoverished by her late husband.

And I also recommend avoiding the wiki article if you’re considering reading the story, because it will contain far too many spoilers for someone not already familiar with the book. Some of them, anyhow. While in his early days he was some form of leftist, socialist progressive, his views underwent a pronounced change later on and he earned himself a divorce in the process. Look, come off it, not poekayne was this book written inmeaning that it was before our own ‘enlightened’ society oodkayne regards to sexual equality and come on, while I am all for sexual equality, putting a completely unskilled woman into the role of dire A Girl’s First Space Adventure 12 February It is interesting that this is the third Heinlein book that I have read and a quick flick through some of the reviews I notice a lot of people carrying on about how outdated and sexist this book is.

Up to this time, my reading had been f The short version first. Mads dickering won’t work, then you have to fight. Heinlein is not far off the mark with respect to future telecommunications and space transportation technology; however, he misses the advent of e-commerce and digital documents, photography and data storage.

The plot was all right, but I was too frustrated with the main character to enjoy pokdayne book.

Podkayne of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein – FictionDB

Indeed, even kidnappings on Venus are handled with the same lack of animosity as trade negotiations, and with only a ,ars more distrust. When the bomb that Clark leaves for the kidnappers blows up, Podkayne is killed, shielding the young henlein with her body.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was also tickled to discover that “Podkayne” is the girl’s name. Just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishers.