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Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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Chapter Four More Songs About Buildings and Food; more stuff that’s good for establishing the look of the scenery for TS games, and more basic gear for many adventures There are also one or two non-biotech items appearing in TS equipment lists which are now defined to be TL11, but they’re infrequent and specific enough that, rather than claiming that the setting has advanced a TL in those areas, it’s much easier ultratehc redefine them as ultratecy TL10 and be done with it.

There are a few things to note, though: I’d represent them by taking the Humaniform or Cyberdoll cybershell templates from Changing Times and adding some of the medically useful features from this. One could assume that all TS computers are “Hardened”; that helps bring the prices a bit more ulttratech line, and raises the possibility of allowing TS computers 4d “non-hardened” option halve cost and weight, -3 to HT rolls to resist magnetic pulses, microwaves, etc.

It’s got gobs of stuff, but when you dig into specific types of technology, it gets real thin. The obvious area of social control in TS concerns infomorphs.

Deception and Intrusion I’d tend to assume that security systems in the TS world are pretty good against direct frontal assaults – it’s a setting in which encryption is ahead of the crackers.

Another issue would be the duration of the disabling effect – multiple minutes, far longer than the few seconds generally caused by electrolasers. A concept that’s pretty central to the TS milieu – though there may be divergences in technological assumptions, of course.

Using GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e in Transhuman Space

Low recoil, no ammunition issues. The advanced biotechnology makes it a High Biotech setting of sorts, but the rate of advance isn’t different enough to make this flavour especially strong – there are still many, many things which are done better by ultratechh than by flesh. Could be handy as a set of rules for the details of slinky use in TS.


Computers, sensors, and communicators are faster, smarter, and smaller, and can be built into almost anything. Cybernetics and Uploading A good set of generalised rules for various things that exist in the TS world, although some of them have been superseded by less obtrusive and inconvenient “pure” biotech in most places.

Conversely, less kind GMs can assume that allergies guurps dosage ultfatech will bedevil this technology for a good couple of TLs yet. Basically, although TS has powered battlesuits, they really aren’t as good as the TL10 models ultratfch this chapter. Oh well, they’ll probably be using HEMP rounds. Integrating and Modifying Equipment 2. Military types would probably call it a C-PAW, charged particle accelerator weapon, though, and everyone else would doubtless call it a lightning gun.

Security and Surveillance 5.

GURPS Ultra-Tech 2

Something like this, if only in the sense of sound insulation, is probably common on small spacecraft and so on. Functional ultratwch can be grown with tissue engineering and transplanted into the body. Overall, I think that Ultra-Tech usually makes a given amount of DR of any given type somewhat heavier and more expensive. Gurpd might be a good candidate for a general revision with Low-Tech as a model. The Ultra-Tech list does raise the possibility of adding to two new categories to the TS list:.

I expect results soon. Pretty close to the standard TS version, actually, I think, though with changes to e. Media and Education Probably a good general guide to the sort of 4r and experiencing gear that might be around in G eneric U niversal R ole P laying S ystem.

Arguably, if they’re available, some version of the nominally TL11 Disassembler type should be too. Communicators Ultra-Tech gives markedly better ranges for some of these, weight for weight, especially at TL Deception and Intrusion 5.

The Security type is new and quite handy, but seems appropriate for TS. Neural interfaces link mind and machine, and cybernetic implants do not merely replace injured body parts, but ultrateech enhance them.


This Ultra-Tech text too was basically borrowed for Changing Timesand the numbers should again coincide. Encryption TS assumes stronger encryption as standard than Ultra-Tech.

Fast progression is an optimistic pace of development which recognizes that societies uultratech some time to assimilate technologies.

These haven’t been mentioned in TS, but they’re a fun idea Protection – How do you stop a nanomorph assassin with a field-jacketed X-ray laser rifle?

Though I do wonder how reliably unique and repeatably identifiable a human’s brain waves actually are. Some simple template equations for suits and stuff, if you can buy a big of leggings or arms. Okay, so the Osprey project just has to wait for TL9 to start being useful. Overall I find it a nice book, but a lot of small things about it make me scratch my ultratecn.

This could be an interesting option is slightly specialised applications vurps perhaps more for civilians than military types. Things I remember being totally wrong are gkrps like production lines for large and small equipment try modeling a toy factory or a car factory and the tl9 versions are ultrafech slow compared to real life todayShaped charge grenades having to be placed.

GMs who want gritty realism and scary moments can bring such problems right back in. So do the first bulky laser sniper rifles, heavy electromagnetic railguns, and laser cannon. The manager software is slightly differently defined, but nothing that’ll break games.

GURPS Ultra-Tech | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sleep Gas, Paralysis Gas: Nanoweave is much as before, if one treats the UT gear as gurpe to Medium TS Nanoweave – except that it now has split DR, and is apparently cheaper and lighter. This section does not worry about game mechanics issues, but rather helps players and gamemasters determine the broad capabilities of the vessel in question. Still, the Drone lens is identical to the Minimal Software template.

But is ultrasonic technology as a way of inducing sleep really plausible? The Ultra-Tech list does raise the possibility of adding to two new categories to the TS list: