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I’ve got a photo of the two different printings of the WoG box set over at our sales site Find the brand new GREYHAWK® Wars Boxed Set on sale at book and. AD&D 1st Ed Box Set – WORLD OF GREYHAWK FANTASY GAME SETTING ( RARE with MAPS!!) $ Buy It Now. $ 0 bids. The set is in lightly used . Results 1 – 25 of 30 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of greyhawk boxed set. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay.

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The tide turned here, for the PCs were pressed hard. Evidence leads you to believe that a full-sized person can’t have commited the burglaries – the apparent entrance points are far too small, and the footprints aren’t those of humans or even demi-humans. Chris Hunter reviewed the boxed set in Imagine magazine, giving it a balanced review. Not sure t was ever used. Despite the numbers attacking, they were able to slay several per round.

Despite the fact that the encyclopedia was by this time several centuries out of date, Smedger was impressed by its freshness and thoroughness.

New material was also added, mainly culled from the Dragon magazine articles published in the previous three years. Nobody here ever gave it any thought, because it doesn’t matter.

Please provide a valid price range. It’s a little unclear from the inventory on the back whether they’re separate pages or included inside one of the books! A pair of gargoyles wake up one morning to find their wings missing, and contact the players to help them recover them.

Greyhawk – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Contains original box, 2 books and 2 maps. The boxed set edition introduces four pantheons, one for each of the four human races. Archived from the original on Characters of all levels will find challenges and intrigue lurking in every alley and behind every tree Eyes turned towards me However, only twenty-two are given a full description of their appearance, areas of influence, and worshipers.


For example, the rulers of countries, which had originally only had titles, were given names, and populations were given to within a thousand, rather than as rough estimates.

Len Lakofka had an eastern continental addition as well as the Lendore Isles, so what I planned to so was incorporate Francois’ and Len’s maps with Oerik, complete the lower continent below it, and have a real globe. However, they fear that the necromancers, who already have shown a greediness for power, would expand their influence out from the Valley of the Mage and attempt to take on the forces of the nearby countries. Four original characters from Gary Gygax’ famous Greyhawk capmpaign are included for your use.

No writing or highlighting in the gazetteer. If they survive these and much odder obstacles, the characters still have to findd the nasty monster creator and put it out of business. The set is in lightly used still very good condition! The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I will likely respond with 24 hours. Mentzer envisioned them as the first part of a new Aqua-Oeridian campaign set somewhere on Oerth outside of the Flanaess.

These booklets are in really good shape and have been lightly used. The books and maps are in superb condition, they appear like-new to me with crisp pages, no writing, and no strange smells, etc.

They knew they would either succeed in this next round, or not at all. People who make the city what it is’ page softcover.

greyhawk boxed set | eBay

I had assumed most DMs would far prefer to use their own world settings. But the mountain giant pressed on. To aid his study of the Sage’s books, Smedger the Elder created mathematical models, or games, that he used with his students at the university to recreate and examine historical events and political interactions described greyhaek the Sage.


I would not be surprised if they have n The rest of the party extricated itself from the net undisturbed. The PCs will be advised not to attempt to tackle the Black One, as Walgar is certain such a confrontation will end in their deaths. Castle Greyhawkwith its April Fools Day atmosphere, can be a real shock for greyhawo expecting the more serious Bpxed.

This adventure is adapted from two RPGA network tournaments. The gnoll archers were firing into the melee, hitting friend and foe alike. Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure is a challenging adventure for high-level play.

World of Greyhawk

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Learn about Greyhawk’s deities, heroes, monsters, arcane items, magical spells, and much, much more. You are about to begin a quest to a mysterious island where lies the fabled Crook of Rao. Greyhwak of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess”. High above the City of Greyhawk, somewhere upon the greyhawwk south coast of the Nyr Dyv, you and your associates trekked to answer a summons that could not be taken lightly.

And you know gaming sessions always take longer than you anticipate. The edition adds information on the gods of the setting, weather, tables for place-of-birth, encounter tables for the various kingdoms, and suggestions for scenarios.

And searching for answers.