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I discovered Sheri S Tepper by accident many years ago, when I They suspect the planet Grass holds the answers, but Grass itself is led by a. One of the most satisfying science fiction novels I have read in years.”—The New York Times Book Review Here is a novel as original. Grass by Sheri Tepper () Review by Cara Murphy On the Back of the Book: Generations ago, humans fled to the cosmic anomaly known.

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She arrives on Grass from a future Terra Earth dominated by Sanctity, an oppressive world religion. Marjorie left the hotel by herself unnoticed and went to rgass horses. Aug 10, Julian rated it really liked it Shelves: Grass, with teppwr deeply isolationist policy and deeply entrenched class system, whose ruling classes know and care nothing about what goes on in the rest of the galaxy, the rest of the galaxy being just as ignorant about what goes on there.

I did have some issues with the Foxen, and the MCs attraction to them came off a littlebestial to me. The horses led them into the swamp and, after many miles, to an island.

They found Stella near a pool of water and she screamed when woken. Once out of the tunnel the foxen exited with them and waited. Nunca creo cosas capaces de ofenderme. This is probably one of the most unusual first contact stories that I have ever read. All the foxen were fighting and killing the Hippae because the foxen had seen Marjorie love her horses. Be prepared for a meditative read. I bet she saw a lot of this in her career. On the Back of the Book: And then, just to add to the general joy, a terrible inter-planetary plague breaks out.


Transports worked constantly shuttling people into teppeer. It put me in mind of the SF classic ‘Dune’, but reduced to a more personal, less epic scale with a cogent human future and accessible characters. Grass is the best story that I have ever read. They were discussing another letter from Sanctity.

It had been hanging on a fabric merchant’s wall, a picture of a sea sehri Sanctity [Earth]. Please Add Audible Edition of Book. Generations gass the future, when humanity has spread to other planets and Earth is ruled by Sanctity, a dour, coercive religion that looks to resurrection of the body by storing cell samples of its communicants, a plague is threatening to wipe out mankind.

This site uses cookies. They came to a door of flame and he invited her in. The pace is very, very measured, and the author is deeply focused on questions of morality and correct action. Err and deranged and all those things I was saying earlier.

Although I cared little for the ultimate revelations the book had to offer about the Foxen, the Hippae, and the Plague, I cared a lot for the main characters. Read more Read less. Our planet, Terra, has been despoiled by massive over-population, with the result that there are now strict laws about reproduction.

He, the foxen was there. But there is a dark side to Grassone that the aristocratic families have learned to live with, uncomfortably, over generations; the Hunt. Old Catholic and Sanctity. Persun is in a slack season so he is teaching her Grassian.

Tony and Marjorie suspected Stavenger must have learned Rowena had visited Marjorie. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

When there is a cry heard, that is the metamorphosis and that is when they hunt the new foxen. That said, after finishing the book I am impressed by the story that the author created, I just didn;t enjoy it enough to rate it higher. We follow a family, namely Marjorie who is the mother and wife, as they go to Grass under order of Sanctity this universes’ most dominant religion to find out if there could be a cure for a Plague that is ravishing the other planets.


Gates of the Dead. Religious philosophy is a strong cage for most of the dogmatic and philosophically-enslaved minds of the high-born, the wealthy, and the leaders of Terra earth. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The characters were strange in their own teper however Tepper was able to introduce plenty of good ‘ol human personality quirks to make things work seamlessly. Sep 13, Neil Grass rated it it was ok.

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Sapphire seas of grass with dark islands of grass [7] The scale, of course, is also human: Something friendly guided Quixote back. Rigo decided to learn how to ride.

Sylvan was thirteen years older than Dimity. How should man see himself in God’s universe if he is not the only intelligent and soul baring species? The horses trusted Marjorie absolutely. Horlakand B. In the heart of Sanctity was the Hierarch.

Grass (Arbai, #1) by Sheri S. Tepper

The foxen were building fortified cities, laying eggs and growing beautiful gardens. Marjorie Westriding explores the nature of good and evil in her search for meaning in her own life while on a mission for the Church that has mostly taken over rule of the human-governed worlds. Rillibee said ggass only way to Commons was through the trees, not on the ground.

Rigo is the nephew of Carlos the current and dying Hierarch of Sanctity.