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BiBi tells Majid to find Cutie another home, as she puts the cat into Majid’s hands. Majid anticipates that the shop owner will pummel him over the head when he finds out that Majid ordered desserts, but has no money.

Ghesehaye Majid (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

Audible Download Audio Books. Thus, he leaves the samovar with his elderly aunt as though he really brought it for her. BiBi is an jajid lover and her household includes a white kitten, named Cutie, and a cage of nightingales. Majid realizes that it will be several gghesehaye before BiBi is ready, so he asks for permission to go out, wearing his nice, party clothes. To cover up his fault, Majid blames Cutie, saying that she wanted to eat the birds.

To make matters worse for Majid, Majid’s guest suggests that they also order some ice cream to follow the faloodeh. Watch the Top Trailers of CS1 Persian-language sources fa. They set out for a third barber who treats Majid like a little king, mends his cuts he received from the second barber, and trims his hair with precision. Kermani said that he had a story about a boy who was an orphan and lived with his grandmother.

When he returns home, BiBi is mortified by Majid’s appearance.

Majid’s Tales – Wikipedia

Majid is too ashamed to maiid her the truth – that the samovar is really for someone else. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Majid decides to nab an old sweater from the clothesline in the teacher’s yard. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.


Add the first question. While Mashasdollah’s eyes are burning, Majid tries to remedy the situation by fetching a bowl of water to wash them out. Before he leaves, Majid hears the barber complain to another man of the low-lifes who have been coming in lately, only able to pay the barber a small amount of money.

At the end of the chapter, Majid does not recover the end of the novel, despite searching for it in every bookstore in town. However, the owner, Mashasdollah, is disinterested in maid Majid recover the rest of the book. Mosaferan TV Series While in the shed, he becomes so carried away that he begins to play the drum loud enough for his neighbor’s wife to hear the drum. See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: Majid describes him as fearful looking with thick arms, a thick neck, tattoos, and a face resembling Shimr or Shemrthe warrior who killed Husayn ibn-Ali in the Battle of Karbala.

A poor family struggling to have a better life but involved in a greater problem. Fortunately for Majid, when she comes to the shed, a chicken runs across her path, making her think that the sound of the drum was the work of the chicken. BiBi sings his praises, but is surprised by the huge amount he wants to charge them.

Ghesehaye Majid

This page was last edited on 9 Marchat While running an errand for his grandmother, BiBi, Majid is given some dry goods wrapped in a paper funnel. Comedic elements are enhanced when Majid tries to secretly obtain the teacher’s majix by sneaking up behind him with pieces of yarn in hand.


He is ghexehaye when he comes to the end of his section and realizes that the rest of the book is missing. Majid realizes that the shop wasn’t really closing – the barber was refusing to cut Majid’s hair. When Majid’s friend looks him in the eye, he asks what happened to his eyes. Majid can’t afford to buy his own drum, so he decides to secretly sneak into his neighbor’s shed, where the drum is kept, in order to play vhesehaye softly. He left his spending money in his other pair of pants.

At the beginning of this chapter, Majid explains that he is infatuated with playing the drum or tablbut has never gotten the chance to.

Majid’s Tales

After a few episodes of chasing Majid around the house with shears in hand, BiBi reluctantly agrees. In an interview with Tebyan. With clubs in hand and the word “besmallah” on their lips, a group of tough gheshaye come to investigate what is in the shed, only to run away screaming when Majid yells out, “I am Majid”.