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Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes is the English translation of Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. Veen Moderne High-End Buizenversterkers H, High-End Buizenversterkers 2. H2.)4 Rudolf Moers Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen. amplifiers, and relays by Edwin P. Anderson (1 times); Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen theorie en praktijk met ontwerpmethodieken.

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Othervacuum tube. The opposite is equally valid. Numeric grade of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Very beautiful power amplifier. The primary difference between the top two preamps is one of flavor. Electrical Test Data click to enlarge.

The DH had deeper bass than the LP3, but it was not as clean and well controlled. However the Groove, Jaycar and surprise TC were closest. Kijk voor de volledige recensie op Hifi. Late last year Elektor released their most recent publication on the increasingly popular subject of hi-fi tube audio, Fundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes by Rudolf Moers.

At the opposite end of the range, the LP3 had a slight edge on all others in treble presentation. Can well appreciate the work even though I would never go that far. Veel theorie wordt getoetst aan de praktijk en ontwerpmethodieken geven de lezer een kapstok om zelf aan de slag te gaan als ontwerper en bouwer van elektronenbuizenversterkers. These very short introductory chapters provide only a very brief overview and assume that the ket has a reasonable background in electronics. The three most pricy or complex designs were clearly better than the lower cost three.

The single drivers delivered versterkertdchniek clarity with vocals to die for.

They ranged from as low as dBv to a high of dBv more negative is better. Music selections consisted of new versterkertecyniek older records.

Moers and his colleagues versterkertechnlek the excellent learning tool and resource that they have compiled. The loudspeaker enclosures are constructed using 1.


A detailed solution accompanies each of the questions and this makes the book a very good learning tool for those interested in audio theory and design. Bohlman 1 times Electronics servicing. The versterkertechniekk is noted as 8 ohms with a sensitivity of 90 dB. An inside view of the folded horn speaker enclosure is shown in the photo below. Als je beschikt over een universeelmeter, een signaalgenerator en een oscilloscoop, kun je de schakeling zelf doormeten om waar te nemen dat theorie en praktijk niet ver uit elkaar liggen.

The gain of the preamps ranged from a low of 34 dBv DH to The new book is actually the English translation of “Fundamentele versterkertechniek met elektronenbuizen” ISBN authored earlier in Dutch elektronenbuiizen Rudolf Moers.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. The measured performance of the Grovewatt is excellent and noted in the project page. There really was no perfect fit. Not the one I designed, but one from a DIY kit. Games of the year Wie anno alles wil weten over elektronenbuizen voor hifi versterkers zal zijn toevlucht moeten nemen tot een bonte verzameling boekjes, die wellicht op markten, beurzen of antiquariaten te verkrijgen zijn. This was the case with two of the preamps. Of je gaat voor het boek van Rudolf Moers.

Either would be satisfactory in many systems. Lezers die wiskundig minder geschoold zijn, kunnen de formules als een bruikbaar recept toepassen en de afleiding overslaan, zonder afbreuk te doen aan de leesbaarheid van het verhaal. The actual distortion me ranged from 0. Also on display were a number of drivers, amplifiers, connectors and feet for you DIY speakr projects. The speakers are well suited for use with low power tube amplifiers.

None however exhibited sufficient noise to detract from the listening experience. Since we cannot cover the entire show, we have decided that our coverage will be focused primarily around our favorite topics, DIY audio, high sensitivity speaker systems, headphones verstrekertechniek vacuum tube gear. The DH was a surprisingly good performer considering it was included primarily as a comparison of older technology, granted one with some exceptional design features.


Design variations range from entirely IC to all tube. More DIY speaker kits and cabinets. PIO capacitors made in this fashion are quite respected and sought after for their sonic qualities. While their size is far from what most would describe as a little speaker, they are little for a horn. The power supply is solid state and DC is used for the tube heaters.

Over pages are dedicated towards the pentode and over pages are spent on the tridode. All are designed as stand alone devices with the exception of the DH which is a complete preamp. The hand built rear-loaded horn enclosures are built in a collaboration between Voxativ and the verstwrkertechniek German piano factory Schimmel Pianos.

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I can definitely see just where all the time and money went. All six phonograph preamps were bench checked with my typical set up of equipment. Bohlman 1 times Radio theory simplified by Elemtronenbuizen Duston 1 times Audels electronic devices, with industrial applications for electronic electricians, maintenance men, operators, and students; a practical treatise covering electronic fundamentals, phototubes, amplifiers, and relays by Edwin P.

There were a number of ultra high-end Hi-Fi systems at the Montreal show and like last yearmy favorite Hi-Fi systems at the show was once again a low powered single-ended tube amp matched with high sensitivity fullrange drivers. All those results can tell me is that both units are very quiet. It really has no place vrrsterkertechniek a quality system.