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The United States of Europe seems something of a utopia right now. Descartes is the archetype of the European spirit. His work has been translated into a number of different languages, including English, French, Catalan and Spanish.

Disney releases Mary Poppins sequel.

The Romanian Writers Challenge

Populism is the ugly face of democracy. To leave comments on the website you must be a verified reader and accept the conditions of use. There aren’t any official candidates for the Nobel prizes, just speculation. The spirit of doubt, which leads to rational thinking, is the best thing that Europe has.

In your talk, you described your personal Europe. I write about people and about literature at the same time, about the human condition and the condition of the writer in the endless frumoaasele incomprehensible universe that is our home. I don’t write for the critics, but for those who genuinely read me, trying to find themselves in my books. Is a united Europe better equipped to fight populism and extremism?


Fortunately, they have been excellently received and their influence is growing. How do you feel that they have frumiasele received by readers here? I am a stoic, and so I am not worried about what I cannot influence.

How To Pronounce Frumoasa

It also steers clear of provincialism and provides a recipe for survival in a world in which there are no longer any certainties. You also referred to the East-West, North-South divide. Sign in if you are already a verified reader. Because it represents the adhesion to a set of values that are much higher than local and national ones.

Romanian writer Mircea Cartarescu awarded Formentor literary prize

On the other hand, there are people in my country who do everything they can to prevent me from getting this award, which makes more sense to them than to me.

To leave comments on the website you must be a verified reader.

Do you agree when critics describe you as a postmodern writer? The European Union is straien a free entity, and has very clear values. I want to become verified reader. He has received some of the most prestigious European literary awards, including the Gregor von Rezzori prize in Italy, and the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding.


All this categorising is again just putting up schizoid walls, which lead to misunderstandings. I really like Catalans; I feel close to them in terms of possessing a similar formula of soul, and I sympathise with their ideals.

You’ve been nominated for the Nobel prize several times. Since the Second World War, democracy has never been in greater danger. The loss of Great Britain is a stfaine for a united Europe: Most of them regret the step taken by their country and, if it were possible, they would no doubt go back fruoasele Europe. British citizens did not really want Brexit, but they were manipulated and lied to in order to get a Yes vote.

Big march planned for 21st. It represents the dictatorship of the majority, who have little problem in wiping their feet on minorities. How frumosele you explain this movement?