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Lauren Burd is a wife and mother of two, a boy age 9 and a girl age 4. Immortal is the first book of the series, and she is currently working hard on the followup. Forever [Lauren Burd, Lynn O’Dell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “What are we playing for?” An evil grin spread over his face. “I am so. Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved but how can she Forever. By Lauren Burd. Published by Lauren Burd at Smashwords.

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Frankly, this book sucked. If you want to read about vampires and how they struggle when falling in love for a human, go read Twilight, not only is it of better quality, but its basically the same story Lauren Burd wrote, only ten times better.

Certain areas needed to be tightened up, some expanded on, some cut out, some completely rewritten, and a lot of it rearranged. I loved the story. Good book, not as good as the gist book! In Forever Alina must come to terms with who she is and what she really wants in life. Are You an Author?

: Lauren Burd: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

I really like Samuel and i was happy they are together and i enjoyed Duncan being a bad guy so i was kinda upset when he turned out to be good. An example being when Duncan and Alina are in their apartment and see a mysterious man in her father’s condo, Duncan doesn’t fight Alina about coming with him, but when they are outside, he insists that he should go first just to make sure it is safe and then she can join him. Okay rant over, reading pride and foorever all is well in the world again.


Oct 01, Tanya rated it really liked it Shelves: Leaving the book off with a major cliffhanger was a smart move on her part. The lead character lives in a very selfish world like most 18 year olds I guess dorever has dynamic characters in her life that she barely stands to be around or interact with.

If properly edited, it could be a major hit. A Girl and Her Wolf. This book is even better than the first one.

Immortal Series

Similarities in names ex: You’ve successfully reported this review. For someone who was so in love with Samuel, she REALLY wanted Duncan in her life, and every time they went out alone “As friends” he would always kiss her, and this happened on multiple occasions! It also doesn’t build tension especially when Alina is about to be killed by a car.

The leads are suitably hot, even if a little carbon copied. It seems this book is the mesh of 3 other equally rubbish books, t Never I enjoyed her writing style. Maybe that was just because I was waiting forever to read it.

I mean those eyes!! Things like she gave the car keys to someone else but then she had them again on the next page. She had been spending the summer with her father in California and now will be goig to school in FL. If the author doesn’t address this, I’d be disappointed in the whole series. Autumn Storm 2, Witchling Series. Samuel and Alina on the other hand barely interact in the story before they are torn apart and yet he’s the one she chooses.

Book One of the Red Ridge Pack. The action kept the book going and I was intrigued by the plot lines, yet towards the end the twists didn’t really make gorever and at the end of the book I felt confused.


Autumn Storm 2, Witchling Series. View all 10 comments. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! Samual and Fkrever are tested and Duncan is such a twister. I still gave it two stars because the ending made me curious. She is brave and a bit foolhardy.

I have so many questions. What can I say, was stuck waiting no book 99 cent section at kindle Only a few sentences after she gets her first kiss, suddenly two weeks have passed. Or, get vorever for Kobo Super Points!

Immortal Series by Lauren Burd

Hopefully the next one won’t be a budd of new moon or some other successful vampire book. She has som Much better than the 1st bur still a long way to go. But a true love. In return she is also very protective of them. So why did I gave it a three stars? Is the next book EVER going to come out?

I really started to like one of them. I am not sure. Alina cruel and not having brains. Tabby, her best friend, makes herself available for Alina at every juncture. As we find out in the middle of this book, it was all apart of this plan to make Thanos he was on his forevee, so he could discreetly free Samuel who would run away with Alina.