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FM 5-422 PDF

Chapter 1. OVERVIEW. ELECTRICAL POWER. Electrical power is an essential element of military operations. Without it, many crucial systems cease to operate. Field Manual (FM) supports engineer, Army, and joint missions throughout full spectrum operations. This FM provides a doctrinal basis for planning. FM The training and experience of prime power NCOs give them an in- depth working knowledge of electrical and electromechanical systems. Each 52E .

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Prime power is reliable, commercial-grade utility power continuously generated by nontactical generators NTGs. Sign In Sign Out.

Prime power teams are not normally used to perform interior electrical work such as interior wiring. The 5-42 of engineer prime power units is to generate electrical power and provide advice and technical assistance on all aspects of electrical power and distribution systems in support of military operations.

FM Chptr 1 Overview

The overlap between prime power and commercial power may occur when a prime power unit repairs and maintains part of a distribution network on a commercial grid or when the unit taps into a commercial power source to provide power to a user. NTG power fj comprise the Army’s family of portable generators larger than kW. Maintain 5-422 kilometers km of overhead or ground-laid primary distribution line. Output capacity of commercial power plants may vary from a few megawatts MW to several thousand MW.

AFCS is discussed in Chapter 4. In all cases, the prime power team should work with indigenous power-plant operators or contracted vm who are familiar with the power plant. All distribution systems are designed and constructed with approved material and methods and include appropriate devices.


The prime power unit commander is the theater’s subject-matter expert for electrical power. This function is performed by the vertical construction 5-422 of the combat-heavy, engineer-battalion line companies and by engineer utilities detachments.

FM Table of Contents

Command, control, communications, and intelligence C 3 I functions are highly reliant on dependable electrical power. The units’ power-generation capability allows them ffm They can also install, operate, and maintain nonstandard, portable power-generation equipment and operate and maintain some fixed commercial power plants.

The prime power unit provides power-related technical assistance to CORs.

Continuous operation of large fixed plants exceeds the manpower capabilities of the team. Chapter 4 contains information on the three modes of power generation. It ranges from the power produced by the smallest tactical generators TACGENS through prime power to the power produced and distributed by the largest commercial power plants and their associated transmission and distribution networks.

The prime power unit also designs temporary, ground-laid distribution systems.

Installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of prime power assets are the responsibility of engineer prime power units.

Commercial power plants and their associated transmission and distribution networks are fixed nonstandard systems. The prime power unit can train the requesting unit personnel to operate and maintain this equipment.

When installing secondary distribution, the prime power team’s responsibilities end at the service cm.

Commercial power is provided in the theater by the host nation or nations. This includes making in-line splices but does not include making connections to distribution transformers, load centers, or service equipment.

55-422 installed in parallel with commercial power, prime power can be used for either load sharing or standby.

PDF [Download] Field Manual FM 3-34.480 (FM 5-422) Engineer Prime Power Operations April 2007

From the military perspective, electrical power encompasses the entire spectrum of power generation, distribution, and transmission systems that support military operations. Design calculations include voltage drops as mf result of line loss and grounding requirements.


Prime power unit personnel cannot operate nuclear and fossil-fuel steam-powered plants or hydroelectric plants. The recommended power source is determined based on the load survey. It is also useful in identifying potential electrical hazards that could result in damage to connected equipment, electrocution, or electrical fire.

Prime power may be employed as a stand-alone power source. Each prime power team is equipped with f kW generators, giving the team a 3-MW peak power-production capability. Service equipment, which is installed by interior electricians, is the main distribution panel or switched fuse box inside the structure.

An important consideration when using nonstandard equipment is f, availability of service and repair parts. This includes making in-line cable splices but does not include making connections to distribution transformers. Enter Your Email Address. The indispensable nature of electrical power compels commanders and planners to recognize their electrical power needs and to ensure that those needs are met. The use of prime power usually requires the construction of nonstandard distribution networks to take power to the users who need it.

Responsibility for providing, operating, and fn the generators lies with the user. Enter Your Email Address. Workload estimates for these tasks, which are provided below, are for planning and estimating purposes only and are highly dependent on controlling variables.