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Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Fluke Calculator A/COIL User Guide |

SC Hardware Adjustments Hardware adjustments must be made to the leveled sine and edge functions each time the SC is repaired. Record these values in Tableand compare against the listed tolerance. R Bad octal number Check the aberrationscompare with specifications. R Exponent magnitude too large CME: Page – Wave Generator Amplitude Verification: TRIG If you are using the external trigger, use this key to toggle the trigger off and on.

Rs Interface Overview to baud selectableand distances up to 50 feet. Press the REF softkey to enter the value of the external temperature reference. The HP A is triggered by a change in input level instead of an external trigger.

Remove the copper short as instructed on the A front panel. Phase and Frequency Accuracy. Fluke A Getting Started 46 pages. Manually range lock the HP 8A to the range that gives the most resolution for the topline measurements. AC Voltage Verification at 50 O.

Fluke 5500a – Sc300 Multi-product Calibrator

Allow the PM reading to stabilize, then record the PM reading for each frequency listed in Table Compare Column C to the specifications listed in the final column. High End Resistance Connections with Equation. Connections for Calibrating TC 5500a.


Setting Voltage And Current Limits Please read this information before operating the calibrator.

The 20 ms to 2 ns markers are generated on the A50 board. Time Base Marker Calibration Procedure for an Mabual This sample procedure uses the Time Marker function to check the horizontal deflection time base of your oscilloscope. All extended range specifications are based on performing the internal zero-cal function at weekly intervals, or when the ambient temperature changes by more than 5 C.

Remote Commands for A Calibration. The maximum voltage for other values is Imax highest value of Allowable Current above multiplied by Rout.

FR D Lost sync wi.

Record each reading as indicated in Table Allow the A reading flukee stabilize. Figure is a block diagram of the current function. Equipment Required for Calibration and Verification. If the A Calibrator is sourcing one output, one parameter is required.

Period, Pulse Generator Verification: Turning on the Calibrator Then follow these steps to verify the MeasZ resistance function. Adjusting the Ledge with R16 Note Aberration adjustments are interactive with rise time adjustments. The default is K. All other units are derived This cable eliminates the need for a four-wire connection.

With the Oscilloscope Calibration option, you can use the A Calibrator to calibrate analog and digital oscilloscopes. When one output is a harmonic of the other, the phase shift is based on the phase angle or power factor cosine of the harmonic signal. Do not remove from this master document. Set the Calibrator Mainframe MeasZ capacitance flukw to cap.


The maximum offset values shown above are for the minimum outputs in each range. For each calibration step, take samples for at least two seconds, using the HP A MATH functions to enter the average or mean value.

Diagnostic Testing A internal software provides extensive self-testing capabilities. If your SC is not installed or not receiving power, the following error message appears on the display when you press [scope] to access the oscilloscope calibration menus. Before you begin calibration, you may wish to review all of the procedures in advance to ensure you have the resources to complete them.

Knowing that there is a problem.

A Operator Manual

Page 20 A Operator Manual Input sense LO to normal LO. Each diagnostic test builds on the successful pass of the previous diagnostic test in order to properly diagnose a faulty subcircuit. Testing The Meter Dangerous voltages may be present on the leads and connectors. Install a flike short circuit in the front panel TC connector total instrument zero only. After resetting the A, press to return to the Oscilloscope Calibration Option the Volt menu appears.