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The assembly of a number of individual gas pipettes of the. Hempel type for a special purpose, as in the ordinary Orsat apparatus for flue gas analysis, is familiar. 3 INTRODUCTION To have proper control on combustion process, an idea about complete or complete combustion of fuel is made by the analysis of flue gas. Determination of calorific value of a fuel by Bomb calorimeter. ➢ Flue gas analysis by ORSAT apparatus. ➢ Study of valve timing diagram of Diesel Engine.

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Thereby, weights of all apparafus of the flue or exhaust gases are determined and therefore total weight of the gas and then the percentage composition of the gas can be determined. The aspirating bottle is lowered so that the eudiometer reads zero on graduated scale.

The decrease in volume-gives the volume of CO2 in mL of the flue gas sample. Once this excess oxygen is obtained, then we can find the weight of excess air supplied. Since one mole of any gas occupies the same volume under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.


The main constituents of the flue ags are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen. The three-way stop-cock is opened to the atmosphere and reservoir is raised, till the burette is completely filled with water and air is excluded from the burette. The gas is again sent to the burette. The lower end of the burette is connected to a water reservoir by means of a long rubber tubing. Analysiz the air in the reservoir bottle is expelled to atmosphere by lifting the reservoir bottle and opening the three-way to atmosphere.


We can write the chemical equation by considering a certain moles of fuel and corresponding moles of air such that the analysis of dry products given will be obtained. This process of sucking and exhausting of gas is repeated times, so as to expel the air from the capillary connecting tubes, etc. This page was last edited on analyzis Decemberat Its indirect measurement can be done if we know the volumetric analysis of the dry flue gas.

Views Read Edit View history. Their stop-cocks are then closed. OK Air Quality Revision. Chemical Absorption Reaction in orsat apparatus. The gas in anaalysis burette is expelled to the atmosphere to remove any air left in the joints, tubes, etc. Hence, it is necessary that the flue gas is passed first through potassium hydroxide bulb, where CO2 is absorbed, then through alkaline pyrogallic acid bulb, when only O2 will be absorbed because CO2 has already been removed and finally through ammonical cuprous chloride bulb, where only CO will be absorbed.

Front row of pipette is connected to the front flue gas tube and rear row of pipette are connected to another tube which runs parallel to flue gas sample tube.

Generally, the composition of solid or liquid fuels is expressed by weight, whereas that of the gaseous fuels is expressed by volume. Table given below will show this procedure of converting volumetric analysis into gravimetric analysis.

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FLUE GAS ANALYSIS ORSAT APPARATUS. – ppt video online download

N 2 will depend on this total oxygen required. Now the three way cock is kept in the closed position. This method is very much useful when the composition of the fuel is now known.

Orphaned articles from June All orphaned articles. When the combustion of the fuel takes place, the products of combustion will be carbon dioxide, sometimes carbon monoxide may also be present sulphur dioxide, vapour and nitrogen all the while, oxygen also will be present in the flue gases.

This procedure is repeated times to ensure a right sample of the gas taken for analysis. The three way cock is open and the sample of flue gas is drawn in the measuring bottle.

Evaporating Petri Syracuse Watch glass. Note here that hydrogen has to be considered for finding the total oxygen required. Using the stopcocks that isolate the absorption burettes, the level.

For converting the gravimetric analysis of the products of combustion into volumetric analysis and vice-versa, two tables are given below: Firstly, the existing air or the gas is expelled from the eudiometer by raising the aspirating bottle and keeping three way valve open to atmosphere. Registration Forgot your password?

Now consider the percentage analysis of the wet products. For balancing purpose, we have to consider the moles of H 2 O produced: