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The first is that the flower pot does not have to take a lot of weight, a small amount of charcoal and a full crucible are probably still a lot less than. i know people use flower pots as a foundry, so if i can find one without a hole in the bottom, can i use it as a crucible? and if i cant find one. Above is the mold for the same bottom section of this crucible furnace, made from a plastic flowerpot and some tin cans. A refractory mix was.

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Already have an account? Our understandings of the construction of other helmet designs of the period are less controversial. If there is a Hot Stuff part 3 to come in the future it will discuss ceramics and glass.

The Hot Rod Disorder™: Casting At Home: Making The Flower Pot Furnace

Above is the mold for the same bottom section of this crucible furnace, made from a plastic flowerpot and some tin cans. The tin cans were placed and now the crucbile is ready to receive more refractory cement between the large can and the plastic flowerpot. There are many alloys of copper that are called bronze or brass and occasionally the distinction is not clear. Even if they do, what’s holding them together is not sintering of the ceramic particles, as in any normally fired ceramic.


Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Yep you’re exceeding it’s temperature.

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You’ll still be able to melt aluminum and probably brass, but fuel costs won’t be pleasant. The Greeks used wrought iron beams in the construction of the Parthenon between — BC. Sign In Sign Up. When I put my shadow over the exhaust hole you can flowerpof it glowing red already:.

I’m on a mental holiday. You can make a mould out of a cuttlefish bone that can be purchased at any pet supply for birds. Don’t even think about it. For a long time not appreciated as a metal because heat caused it to escape as a vaporous gas, zinc production did not begin until about the12 th AD century in India, the 16 th century in China and in large scale production after in Europe.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sign up for a new account in our community. Plus it should last indefinitely for occasional melting of low temp metals.

I found it interesting that no aluminum stuck to the briquette: The Romans occasional used T-shaped wrought iron girders in construction as in the Baths of Caracalla. Forge a small ladle and melt a couple of small chunks of Aluminum over rcucible forge.


Read, Read, Read, as much info about casting as possible and particularly concerning foundry safety.

View my complete profile. Posted February 18, The use of tin probably afforded more control over the forging and casting processes.

Last time I tried copper I got some liquid but it was taking forever – also I probably needed some sort of flux to help it along, and put a bunch of charcoal bits over the melt as well would probably have helped a lot to keep oxidation to a minimum furnwce. Be careful with the blower, too much air, and your copper will be swiss cheese.

December 15 hours ago. The Greeks were masters of bronze casting. Posted February 20, Big thanks to my father for both providing me a bunch of scrap aluminum, and fabricating the crucible.

Over F, with good charcoal, good insulation, and the right amount of air. In antiquity only about 7 elements gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, iron and mercury were recognized as being metals. Google free to us or share filter.