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Create a Faa Form 2 in minutes using a step-by-step template. The FAA Form is used by the Federal Aviation Administration under the United. Incomplete submission may result in delay or denial of your request. FAA Form Supersedes Previous Edition DETACH THIS PART BEFORE USING . PARACHUTING USING FAA Form Applications for parachute jump authorizations made over or into a congested area or open-air assembly of people.

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Having any of these near your launch site makes the FAA nervous. These are to be provided in latitude and longitude to the second. Markup your flight line and your control area. Normally this will be marked no.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization

While the FAA will eventually respond, either with a denial, a approval as submitted or an approval as modified by them, if you want some indication of action sooner, try including a plain, stamped postcard addressed to yourself with the following on fodm back:. You may need to take this into account in renewing waivers from previous years.

Estimated number of rockets, Type of propulsion liquid or solidfuel s and oxidizer sDescription of the launcher s planned to 77111-2 used, including any airborne platform sDescription of recovery system, Highest altitude, above ground level, expected to be reached, Launch site latitude, longitude, and elevation, and Any additional safety procedures that will be followed.

A full explanation of how they made the decisions to make the changes in these regulations was published by. Class 2 High Power Rockets The new Class 2 rocket category covers high power rockets with up to fotm, N-s total impulse.

Uses no more than grams 4. You can also get sectional maps on the Internet to use in real time. The presence of these things should not discourage you from applying for authorization.


This is part of the operating limitations at 14 CFR The FAA may specify additional operating limitations necessary to ensure that air traffic is not adversely affected, and public safety is not jeopardized.

The information shall include for each type of Class 2 rocket expected to be flown: The information shall include for each type faq Class 2 rocket expected to be flown:. Using the screen zoom of the PDF on your computer screen can help you find the spots on the paper copy that match easier. Using the markup you did in Google earth, put the same markup on the paper copy with fine point markers.

Once in paint I can draw circles and line to determine the radius or square of the launch site.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization | National Association of Rocketry

A policy you may consider is to make the certificate and application available for inspection by all fliers and to include key provisions, such as maximum altitude, in your pre-launch fliers briefing.

If you have access to a GPS receiver, you can use that for 7171-2 data. Notice the foot distance from the inhabited building not part of the launch operations. 7171-2 download and press save. Is launched on a suborbital trajectory; When launched, must not cross into the territory of a foreign country unless an agreement is in place between the United States and the country of concern; Is unmanned; and Does not create a hazard to persons, property, or other aircraft.

You must operate an amateur rocket in such a manner that it: Class 1 rockets include what used to be known as model and large model rockets. The primary way they do their job is by making sure that airplanes work as they were designed and have adequate operational limits, ensuring that pilots and other airspace professionals like controllers have been adequately trained and receive recurrent training, and by separating airspace users in operation by adequate distances.


Be prepared to accept lower waiver ceilings in this case. This website is confusing but you can get the hang of it.

Launch Notification 14 CFR A total of 26 sectionals cover the continental US. After the launch, I send a letter to the person who sent me the Certificate of Authorization, thanking them for their help, and letting them know we had a safe and enjoyable time. Attach a copy of the NAR high power safety code.


Forrm allows them to adjust for any unusual conditions that might cause your operations to interfere with other safe operations. Working with the FAA personnel you contact in a cooperative spirit will often bring fruit and establish long term working relationships.

In a few minutes you will have a PDF of your area saved to your hard drive. The new Class 2 rocket category covers high power rockets with up to 40, N-s total impulse. The new rules do however require prior authorization before launching.

You need to apply at least 45 days or more in advance. Are there any airports within 5 miles? Zoom in to look at the launch area you fly in and look over the buildings and roads not involved in the launch operations.