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Exegetical Fallacies has ratings and reviews. Chase said: For what this book sets out to be, it’s fantastic. As a quick overview of the most co. “In short, this is an amateur’s collection of exegetical fallacies” (p). In this book, D.A. Carson seeks to reveal the numerous Exegetical Fallacies that occur from. This book offers updated explanations of the sins of interpretation to teach sound grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological, and historical Bible study practices.

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Second is to do the best you can using historical sources p. The author succumbed to one of the fallacies he described, since his arguments presumed a more robust dogmatic? Preview — Exegetical Fallacies by D. Carson is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. It does not necessarily follow that just because a proposition is true that the negative inference of such a proposition is also true.

It is filled with dry wit. In his concluding chapter, Carson quickly goes through several more fallacies in summary fashion, such as problems with literary genre, arguments from silence, statistical arguments and more.

Exegetical Fallacies, 2nd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

A Call to Spiritual Reformation. They are drawn from a wide variety of sources, from popular level writing to scholarly academic papers. In this review, we will look at each chapter individually.

Carson does a lovely job of presenting solid explanations and brief examples that are often helpful and rarely confusing. Even though it is punctiliar, it does not necessarily mean it is a completed action.

Return to Book Page. I can also hold the Word of God more delicately, humbled at how hard it is to truly understand meaning through the distance of time, language, and culture.


Carson and his wife, Joy, reside in Libertyville, Illinois. It really is an insidious problem, particularly in our current, politically correct culture. Toward an Exegetical Theology: As Carson writes p. The first two chapters of this book are fascinating with many very specific linguistic fallacies that dog biblical exegetes of all stripes, and while I found ample information to be applied outside this narrow niche, I looked forward to the third chapter, dealing specifically with logical fallacies, as I hoped there would be even more there to apply to other ways of thinking.

Exegetical Fallacies

Alas, his orrery of errors tends in this direction as well. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. I really do respect the authors I’m critiquing and their works are, overall, extremely valuable.

Next, Carson deals with logical fallacies. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. In fact, it’s so bad, you expect about halfway through that Cafson is going to reveal that the book is a parody of exegetical criticism.

While a scholarly topic it is relatively easy to read. The book assumes the readers will know Greek especially in his chapter on grammatical fallacies. That being said, it is a valuable reference—especially for readers who know a little Greek vocabulary, grammar and syntax. I didn’t learn to read my Bible until late in life, and I’m convinced most Christians in “Bible-believing” churches do not because they are not taught how to.


Exegetical Fallacies – D. A. Carson – Google Books

The whole book was fascinating and exegeticcal. Carson is here at his exegetical best. Really helpful brief treatment of common fallacies. This awareness will prepare them to better evaluate arguments they come across in commentaries and other exegetical resources.

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In addition to explaining why he wrote the fallacies, Carson also lays out two possible dangers readers will face due to the nature of a book focused on errors; pride and despair. He is one of the founders of The Gospel Coalition and an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. Again, this is a good work and made me want to read more of what Carson has to say. The Influence of the Principles of Orality on the It is incumbent on the reader to be self aware of the biases he or she brings fallaices reading historical materials.

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Such absolute relativism is not only unnecessary, but also self-contradictory; for the authors of such views expect us to understand the meaning of their articles!

Thus, the target audience was for those with seminary degrees who at least believe are competent in New Testament Greek. How can I avoid the dreadful burden of teaching untruth, of laying on the consciences of Christ’s people things Christ does not himself impose, or removing what he insists should be borne?

Aug 15, Chase Tremaine rated it really liked it. I found this chapter to be the most beneficial to me in my studies and teaching.

First, have humility about what we actually know or can know. You might open it to the Index first, and be amazed at the wide range of biblical passages, authors, and topics addressed in such a short book. A worthy read for anyone serious about exegesis, you will very likely find yourself guilty of at least one or two of the fallacies in this book.

This book is a must-read for any Bible teacher, Pastor, or anyone handling God’s word in any way. Carson is a professor of the New Testament and does not give any Old Testament examples.