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A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the environmental concerns of today, set in an. Ecotopia,” the ’70s cult novel, has seeped into the American PRESCIENT In Ernest Callenbach’s ’70s book, residents of Ecotopia recycle and. Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach. Few philosophies have a greater mutual suspicion and natural antipathy to each other than libertarianism and.

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And yet, the longer its been since I’ve read this, the more it works on me.

Revisiting the 1970s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation

Don’t waste your time, read something about real change and real activism. It took me almost four years to get there.

Heroin and other hard drugs are legal, but unfortunately only as a government monopoly. His lucky narrator enjoys wild romps in forest shrines, anonymous threesomes in tents, even sex with the lovely and obliging calllenbach who tends to him in the hospital.

Ecotopia – Wikipedia

Forty years ago, maybe I could see some of his enthusiasm. We are too much dead weight, we have to have a fixed wing and lots of power. Ecotopian novels … exude a curious feeling of security, almost like 19th-century English novels: What’s not to like? InAudio Renaissance released a partial dramatization of Ecotopia on audiocassettes in the form of recordings of a radio network broadcast the Allied News Network replacing the Times-Post.


It is interesting the way it was constructed. There is far too much extremely dated technology and references to a long by-gone era. The scheme of the novel is quite juvenile but workable: What’s so incredible is that I last taught this book maybe in — and much, much more of reality has aligned with Callenbach’s vision since.

Journal of the History of Sexuality 16, no. But I still much enjoyed reading it! Apr 17, ryan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Being quite pragmatic myself, I never quite understood David.

I had edotopia about it that it was introducing an utopian society, that it was exploring near-scientific explanations to how a sustainable society can exist, and that it practiced what it preached the book was printed on-demand, sustained by the demand of interested consumers rather than publishing economics. And about efficient agriculture, factories, and even government.

The scene ends as things inevitably do in Ecotopia: I’ve callsnbach reviews on this site that excoriated this novel due to the “free” sex and the “free” marijuana featured as a part of Ecotopian culture, and I’d like to comment on these things as well but not to excoriate them.

Retrieved from ” https: Oddly if you’ll take a look at the attempt at a story here you’ll see that even here told by someone who believes it Jan 23, Neil Browning rated it liked it. Part of the novel is his private journal entries; the other parts his published columns. But even today, the novel is assigned reading for college courses in political science and environmental studies.


This is a jewel. The people are envir I’m a die-hard lefty and I still think this is a terrible book. Ecotopia is a flawed vision of a flawed future. Cover of the first edition. What kinds of comments and curiosity would you recommend about this book? I was amused that what started the Ecotopian succession from the United States was yet another desperate financial meltdown. Preview — Ecotopia ernewt Ernest Callenbach.

Strive for the ideal speech situation: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Smiths see the film “The Matrix”. That certainly makes this work of fiction extremely relevant to the uncertain world we live in today with “too callennach to fail” financial institutions, billionaires using “Citizens United” to buy our government and even running for office!

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Reading Ecotopia today is like watching men trying to invent a flying machine by eoctopia big finely crafted wings, as they did so for hundreds of years.