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Description. Flavius Vegetius Renatus, the 4th century AD writer on military matters, was more well known during the Middle Ages than today. His “Epitoma Rei. Epitoma rei militaris. by Vegetius Renatus, Flavius; Reeve, Michael D. Publication date Language Latin; English. Book digitized by. De re militari (Latin “Concerning Military Matters”), also Epitoma rei militaris, is a treatise by the . Xii in the Royal Library, written and ornamented for Richard III of England, is a translation of Vegetius. It ends with a paragraph starting: “Here.

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My obedience, therefore, made me presumptuous, from the apprehensions of appearing more so by a contrary conduct. Its bulk makes it slow and unwieldy in its motions; and as it is obliged to march in columns of egnlish length, it is exposed to the risk of being continually harassed and insulted by inconsiderable parties of the enemy.

In our times this command was given to a count of the first order. The fourth consists of the same number of five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. Such was the dependence on their discipline and resolution that this number was thought sufficient for any war they were engaged in. University Press,pp.

Full text of “The Military Institutions Of The Romans [De Re Militari].pdf (PDFy mirror)”

The soldiery to whom the defense of the Empire is consigned and in whose hands is the fortune of war, should, if possible, be of reputable families and unexceptionable in their manners.

They are now called vexillations from the kind of standards peculiar to them. A soldier, as he advances in rank, proceeds as it were by rotation through the different degrees of the several cohorts in such a manner that one who is promoted passes from the first cohort to the tenth, and returns again regularly through all the others with a continual increase of rank and pay to the first.

Such was the dependence on their discipline and resolution that this number was thought sufficient for any war they were engaged in.

Epitoma rei militaris

The seventh contains five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. They gave englixh recruits round bucklers woven with willows, twice as heavy as those used on real service, and wooden swords double the weight of the common ones. In the summer, the troops should never encamp without tents. For sometimes the common sort of people imagine they know what they really do not, and through ignorance promise more than they can perform. As the enumeration of all the particulars of this sort would be too tedious, I shall only observe that the legion should carry with it wherever it moves, whatever is necessary for every kind of service so that the encampments may have all the strength and conveniences of a fortified city.

They are not limited to the command of two legions only, but have often a greater number. The position of the camp, the direction of the entrenchments, epitomz inspection of the tents or huts of the soldiers and the baggage were comprehended in his province.


Translation of Epitoma rei militaris in English

The ordinary guards and outposts are always mounted rfi relieved by the sound of trumpet, which also directs the motions of the soldiers on working parties and on field days.

The Campignei or Antefignani are those whose duty it is to keep envlish proper exercises and discipline among the troops. There epitoa two methods of entrenching a camp. And their marches, in that season of the year when the heat is excessive, should begin by break of day so that they may arrive at the place of destination in good time. Stewechius’ opinion that the survival of Vegetius’ work led to the loss of his named sources were more typical of the late Renaissance.

Retrieved from ” https: Raphael of Volterra calls him a Count of Constantinople.

In cases of necessity, however, they are sometimes obliged to make levies in the cities. He not only was entrusted with the eagle but commanded four centuries, that is, four hundred men in the first line.

These are the principal soldiers or officers distinguished by their rank and peitoma thereto annexed. They are now called vexillations from the kind of standards peculiar to them.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

The cornets sound whenever the colors are to be struck or planted. And in this I militari not a little encouraged by the late instance of Your Majesty’s indulgence. And in this I was not a little encouraged by the late instance of Your Majesty’s indulgence. After the ground is marked out by the proper officers, each century receives a certain number of feet to entrench.

Barnes, “The Date of Vegetius” Egnlish And these men, as soon as enlisted, should be taught to work on entrenchments, to march in ranks, to carry heavy burdens, and to bear the sun and dust. Numerous manuscript copies of Vegetius circulated in the time of Charlemagne and one of them was considered a necessity of life by his commanders.

Each cohort has also its own peculiar ensign, the Dragon, carried by the Draconarius. My treatise on the choice and discipline of new levies met with a favorable reception from Your Majesty, and since a work succeeded so well, composed of my own accord, I can have no fears for one undertaken by your own express commands.

It remains one of the best guidelines to Roman Military Archaeology, regarding Roman forts, military practices, and even the selection attributes rather humorous today of good army recruits. The legion owes its success to its arms and machines, as well as to the number and bravery of its soldiers.

He not only was entrusted with the eagle but reu four centuries, that is, four hundred men in the first line. The infantry begin to form on a line with the: He constantly gives the example epiitoma the ” Ancients” engilsh his contemporaries.


They are, however, when properly trained and disciplined, of material service and are always joined as light troops with the legions in the line.

These men, unaccustomed to the necessary fatigue of the field, are disgusted at its severity.

Besides which, a train of workmen attend on it furnished with all instruments necessary for the construction of tortoises, musculi, rams, vines, moving towers and other machines for the attack of places.

But the most commodious invention is emglish of the small boats hollowed out of one piece of timber and very light both by their make and the quality of the wood. For most miliraris, particularly the poorer sort, englizh spend whatever they can get. On the top of the whole are planted strong palisades which the soldiers carry constantly with them for this purpose. Preface to Book I To the Emperor Valentinian It has been an old custom for authors to offer to their Princes the fruits of their studies in belles letters, from a persuasion rri no work can be published with propriety but under the auspices of the Emperor, and that the knowledge of a Prince should be more general, and of the most important kind, as its influence is felt so keenly by all his subjects.

After this, the cavalry should march off first, then the infantry; the baggage, bat horses, servants and carriages follow in the center; and part of the best cavalry and infantry come in the rear, since it is oftener attacked on a march than the front. The tribune who commanded them was likewise distinguished for his skill in his exercises, for rel advantages of his person and the integrity of his manners.

All of this will enable us to take the most proper measures to distress them and for our advantage. Edited by Anand Chitipothu. The incumbrance of the baggage is often an occasion of its being surprised in its passage through difficult places or militatis rivers.

Little can be eenglish from forces so dissimilar in every respect, since it is one of the most essential points in military undertakings that the whole army should be put in motion and governed by one and engkish same order.

The new levies also should be taught by the masters at arms the system of drill called armatura, as it is still partly kept up among us. An army should not encamp in summer near bad waters or far from good ones, nor in winter in a situation without plenty of forage and wood.