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Read “Endless Summer The Boys Next Door; Endless Summer” by Jennifer Echols with Rakuten Kobo. Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols – Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and.. . Book Review: Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols. *There are some small spoilers if you have’t read The Boys Next Door. Pages: (it.

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Imagine what it must’ve been like for Adam?! I also thought Adam echolw uncharacteristically silent for the middle yb of the book, which struck me as bizarre, but not completely bizarre like it could never happen.

There are two aspects of this book that just absolutely excelled – the setting and the characters! Endlessly going round and round over and over again They both had negative qualities that were hard to swallow sometim 3. I don’t want to spoil the first book so I will refer to the guy Lori ends up dating as Mysterious Boy.

It was such a put-you-into-the-story book, and I felt like I lived next door to three boys and spent days working and wakeboarding out in the sun with them. I’ve been blogging since December of I think the model of Lori on the cover portrays her perfectly as well as the boy who I am assuming is playing one of the Vader boys.

I probably would’ve been fine if it had ended right there, but I was glad it continued just so I could keep reading, but I thought everything about the second section was kind of ridiculous and unbelievable.

Endless Summer

One of my favorite scenes jejnifer when he endlesa his brothers are having a heart to heart brotherly talk. Aug 17, Jessica Echo,s rated it liked it. Feb 13, Felicity rated it really liked it Shelves: We continue with the romance from the first book I don’t want to describe too much if you haven’t read the first one yet! I enjoyed the alternating points of view from Lori to Adam. It just created a lot of misunderstandings which were fun at times but also unnecessary.


What really needed to happen was what finally did at happen at the end, and that is because Adam is the much smater, more mature of the two. In the end, Lori and Adam end up together. Lori is also very cool – definitely blonde, but in the best of ways.

I really, really love Jennifer Echols. But they suck at staying apart and get into further trouble by being caught together. Lori hatches a plan whereby she will date guys with worse behavior than Adam so that her dad will relent.

Confessions of a Book Addict: Book Review: Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

But anyways, I was also annoyed with the fact that Adam got controlling, Lori kept kissing Sean making Adam jealous and then Adam starts fooling around with another girl. As it was, I felt that Adam really cared for Lori The Boarding School Experiment. Return to Book Page. But for any of this to work she’s going to need the assistance of her best friend and younger brother of the two Adam. Also, I thought the reason behind why she even obsessed over Sean was ridiculous. The first book, The Boys Next Door, was less annoying and a little better than the second book, mostly because the plot devices of fake dating and white lies with good intentions were not yet retreads.

You know what’s really crazy though? Jennifer Echols is one of many authors that I have discovered only this year. More books from this author: First it was drop the tankini, and enter the bikini.


echolw Regardless, when they plot to date I was excited to see how it would turn out. I’m not a parent, nor did I have an over protective parent growing up, so perhaps I have a hard time relating She had an adult character, former nanny of Lori, tell Lori how her relationship with Adam is destined to be, well, a bit volatile.

Where I started to loose the happy-this-book-is-so-cute-feeling is in Endless Summer. I extremly adored this book. It’s hilarious to see Lori’s very “blonde” and tomboyish moments through Adam’s eyes.

So Edhols comes up with an ingenious plan to pretend to hook up with Adam to make Sean jealous. Echols is still up there as a fave of mine: The review must be at least 50 characters long. This book is just like an emotional roller-coaster. Which, of course, throws everything else into motion! Lori’s plans always backfire.

I get that she wanted to make one jealous but man, if I was a guy and my girlfriend kept kissing my brother I’d I liked the whole idea of the book but it is not something that I haven’t already read. With the Vader brothers, she’s always been just one jennofer the guys.

evhols I hope you get your hands on a copy soon. The Boys Next Door first half was pretty good. So if you haven’t already, pick up this book, or any book by Jennifer Echols for that matter.