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Hygieniaopas – elintarvikehygienian perusteet. 3 likes. Book. Hygieniaopas – Elintarvikehygienian perusteet on perusopas elintarvikehygieniasta, opas on myös hyvä kertausoppikirja jo kokeneillekin. Hygieniaopas – Elintarvikehygienian perusteet book ( Online Store); Elintarvikehygienian perusteet -kirja ( Online Store).

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Basic facts of food hygiene | The National Library |

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By peruseet, you accept the use of cookies. See our updated privacy policy. We offer the basics of food hygiene in Arabic, summarized into a 40 page, A5 sized book.

The material has been tested with hundreds of test trainees and the feedback has been positive. The book is great for use in independent studying and in combination with the hygiene proficiency training.


Layout and illustration are identical with the Elintarvikehygienian perusteet, 3rd issue book. Abdelhafez Abdelhafez 11 months ago. This products might interest you. Basic Facts of Food Hygiene. Osnovy gigieny produktov pitanija. Shipin weisheng de jichu. Higiene alimenticia – datos basicos.

Grunderna i livsmedelshygien bok.

Basic facts of food hygiene

Hygieniaopas – Elintarvikehygienian perusteet. Uimahallien ja kosteiden tilojen hygieniaopas. Hygiene Passport based on previous education in Finland. Handling and Postage fee.

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