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L utilisation d’une électrode à anneau tournant a permis d’obtenir la totalité de la relation J(E) entre la densité de courant J et le potentiel électrode tournante. ETUDE VOLTAMMETRIQUE DE LA REDUCTION DES IODATES A UNE ELECTRODE TOURNANTE DE PLATINE Par J. BADOZ-LAMBLING et C. GUILLAUME. Chem Instrum – Margarit J, Lévy M () Étude theéoretique d’une électrode tournante á double anneau. Partie I. Recherche du facteur d’efficacité.

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Turn off the power to the rotator and disconnect the power cord from the power source before installing or removing the electrode shaft or before installing or removing an electrode tip on the end of the shaft. There is no universally accepted color coding scheme for marking potentiostat cell cable connections.

To mitigate the wear rate of the brush contacts, it is recommended that four special low-humidity brushes sold separately be installed prior to placing the rotator in the glove box.

Note that many older potentiostats use only one cable to carry both the drive and sense signals for the working electrode. Compromising the floating configuration by earth grounding either the chassis or the DC Common should be avoided when possible, but there are cases where this is the only way to reduce noise in the measured electrochemical signals.

Inspect the electrode tip to be certain that it is not damaged. Then, the rotating electrode can be moved vertically down into the cell or up out of the electroed as needed. A smaller base sold separately is available for use in a glove box see Figure 4.

Some of the information on this Web page has been provided by external sources. Text of the Claims and Abstract are posted: This section of the manual discusses information pertaining to routine operation of the rotator.

Installing a Tpurnante on to a Shaft. There are two important grounding connections that should be considered in any rotating electrode experiment.

MSR Rotator: Operation – Pine Research Instrumentation Store

Excessive immersion may corrode the shaft or tip by allowing liquids to seep into the joint between the shaft and tip. The shaft is connected to the rotator motor via a brass motor coupling located inside the brush chamber see Figure 4. This floating configuration is considered ideal because it gives the researcher maximum flexibility when working with electrochemical cells that may contain an earth grounded component. The power switch on the back panel also acts as a circuit breaker to elecrtode protect the control unit circuitry.


Small signal level differences within these tolerances can add up, causing the actual rotation rate as displayed on the control unit to differ slightly from the specified rotation rate as entered by the user of the potentiostat software.

Do not use an electrode electrrode which appears to wobble, vibrate, or tilt away from the axis of rotation while rotating. The analog rate control signal from the potentiostat is a voltage that is proportional to the desired rotation rate. Consultez la section 6. Thank you for waiting. Claims and Abstract availability Any discrepancies in the text and image of the Claims and Abstract are due to differing posting times. Inspect the shaft to be certain that it is not damaged.

Depending upon how the instrument is connected to other experimental apparatus, a chassis terminal may or may not be connected to the earth ground. The upper end of a standard shaft has a outer diameter.

Do not lose the white plastic washer on the door latch. Always turn the rotation rate control knob completely counterclockwise towards the zero rotation rate position before turning on the rotator. Do not tournantr on the rotator or rotate the electrode shaft if the shaft is not securely mounted electrdoe the motor coupling. This mounting area is electrically isolated from the remainder of the shaft so that the electrode electtode remain isolated from the rotator chassis.

This helps to prevent the shaft from sticking in the coupling. The DC common may or may not be connected to the earth ground depending upon how the experimental apparatus is arranged and depending upon the internal circuitry of the potentiostat.

If the potentiostat offers a chassis terminal connection often located on the back panel of the potentiostatthen connecting this chassis terminal to the earth electride on the rotator control box may or may not reduce or eliminate noise in the measured electrochemical signals. When raising tourhante lowering the motor unit along the main support rod, be sure to hold the motor unit carefully so that it does not unexpectedly fall and break the glass cell located below the motor unit.


If the cell cables from the potentiostat terminate with alligator clips, then the easiest way to connect such alligator clips is to first insert a banana stud connector into the jumper cable see Figure 4.

It is important to understand that the low humidity environment found in most glove boxes increases the rate of wear on both the brush contacts and the internal brushes within the motor itself.

The cell platform and clamp positions allow adjustment of the vertical position of the cell with respect to the motor unit. Two clamshell doors surround the brush chamber. Any discrepancies in the text and image of the Claims and Abstract are due to differing posting times.

At the time the tougnante is open tournxnte public inspection; At the time of issue of the patent grant. The lower pair of brushes blue contacts the ring electrode while the upper pair red contacts the disk electrode.


To rotate the electrode under manual control, turn on the control unit power and slowly turn the rotation rate control knob clockwise. A new rotator has tape around the motor coupling to protect the hex screws. Even with the knob in this position, there may be electroee residual rotation typically less than in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

These doors are securely latched during rotator operation and push two pairs of contact brushes against the rotating shaft. A secondary circuit breaker on the front panel protects the windings in toufnante motor.