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Get this from a library! Mémoires de la pasionaria: el unico camino. [Dolores Ibárruri; Françoise Rosset]. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The New Marianism of Dolores Ibárruri¿s ” El único camino” | Kevin O’Donnell is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the. Buy EL UNICO CAMINO. by Dolores. IBARRURI (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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On May 6,the Spanish ibarrudi newspaper ABC reported that the PCE and the Kremlin had reached a new pact whereby the Spanish party dropped its censure of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in exchange for the Kremlin’s blessing on the party’s wish to collaborate with non-Communist parties. Letter to her son. President of the Communist Party of Spain COPE Radio,seconds 13 to Later, inshe was elected a member of the first Provincial Committee of the Vizcaya Communist Party.

These voices belong to people who themselves are intoxicated with this counter-revolutionary camkno. November 1,p.

Please try again later. But it wasn’t just this, as we would find out later, assassination had become a tool of repression and management of the party Two years later she joined the newly formed Spanish Communist Party. Her ailing health put her in hospital three times during the first nine months after her return.

I know very well how unic worked in those days. She succeeded, but she was detained briefly in the prisons of Sama de Langre and Oviedo. Bob Dylan, American folksinger who moved from folk to rock music in the s, infusing the lyrics of….

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Her concern regarding the constant arrests was one of the reasons why she decided to send her children to study in Russia.


PCE got 60, votes Dec 5, See Article History. In defence of Marxism. The remaining child, Amaya, outlived her mother.

El Unico Camino : Dolores Ibarruri :

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The Trotskyists must be rooted out and disposed of like wild beasts, for otherwise every time our men wish to go on the offensive we will not be able to do so due to lawlessness caused by the Trotskyists in the rear.

Later, she was forced to drop out of her studies to work as a seamstress and servant. They shall not pass: On March 6,she flew out of Spain under enemy naval fire to the major Algerian port city of Oran then under French sovereignty. On April 27 Julian Ruiz said that he would not be at ubico airport to greet his estranged wife, “Nevertheless she is the mother of my children and I wish her health and a peaceful life.

Garcia’s father had not fled Spain after the defeat of ; he stayed behind and helped to organize a guerrilla force of fighters ibaruri Galicia. Between — things get progressively worse. June 10,p.

Dolores Ibárruri

June 17,p. November 21,p. This riffraff withstood us like a leech. Several dates given in the article are wrong. She grew up in Gallarta, but later moved to Somorrostro Biscay.

Dolores Ibárruri Goméz – Unlearned Lessons

She started to apologize profusely, but Tito cut her short and said, “Do not vex yourself, Dolores, do not worry. Trotskyism must be rooted out of the proletarian ranks of our Party as one roots out poisonous weeds. Congreso de los Diputados. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Survivors of the International Brigades came to celebrate her 90th birthday. We managed to catch him in Lalin from where he directed certain adventurous, uncontrolled groups.


July 20,p. Elsewhere, from Crimea to Finland, the Spanish Communist volunteers fought as guerrillas deployed behind enemy lines, in the Red Army or with the Soviet air force; some made it to Berlin and at least one scouted territory held by the Spanish Nationalist Blue Division.

Vuelo con un DC. She was arrested for the first time in September Sl 26,p. July 14,p. The Trotskyists have long been transformed into the agents of Fascism, into the agents of the German Gestapo.

The PCE lied about her arrival camjno did not give her an official welcome secretary-general Carrillo was in Seville. This name uses Spanish naming customs: Some of her famous phrases supporting the republican cause are from this period. Her life and that of every Communist was put in danger on February 23,when Fascist elements of the Spanish armed forces and of the paramilitary police staged a coup.

Help us improve this article! I’m going to write you a poem. March 25,front page. The statue was funded by money raised by Trade Unionists and Labour movement supporters.